Mandarmani Beach is a spectacular beach side destination that is located in the state of West Bengal. This 13 km long beach is also the longest driveable beach destination in India. Mandarmani Beach is one of those blessed places that is bestowed with nature’s charm and has a very serene environment. Tourists from all parts of the country and outside India come to this seaside paradise to experience tranquillity and divinity. The village of ‘Mandarboni’ as called by the villages has the most peaceful setting to allow visitors to relax and unwind. The location of Mandarmani Beach close to the popular destinations of Digha and Shankarpur is making it one of the most developing tourist’s attractions of the Eastern India.

 Location : State/District

Mandarmani Beach is situated in the East Midinipur district of the Indian state of West Bengal.Mandarmani Beach is geographically located between the northern latitude of 21.666⁰ and 87.705⁰ eastern longitude.

 Destination Type

Mandarmani Beach is one of the most incredible and favourite beach destinations of India.

 Family holiday Destination

The comfortable climatic conditions and serene environment of the place, makes Mandarmani Beach a chosen destination by tourists for spending their vacations. The beach is packed with plethora of activities to provide entertainment to all age groups, and therefore a prefect holiday spot for families. The pristine beauty of the Mandarmani Beach draws city dwellers to spend their weekends here in a relaxed manner and get rejuvenated. Adventure lovers also chose Mandarmani Beach over other beach destination of West Bengal for the thrilling water sports available here.

 Weather Information

The months between March and May mark summer time at Mandarmani Beach. The climate is hot with minimum and maximum temperature being recorded at 22⁰C and 36⁰C respectively. During summers the days are hot but the nights are relatively cool. June embarks the beginning of monsoons at Mandarmani Beach. The place receives good rainfall till September and the climate is very amazing. The sight at the beach side is most pleasant and breathtaking during the monsoons. Winters in Mandarmani Beach prevails from the month of December till February. This season is the best time to enjoy a stay in Mandarmani Beach. The temperature ranges between 10⁰C to 25⁰C and the climate is very favourable.

 Travelling Requirements

Citizens of India can travel to Mandarmani Beach at their convenience. However tourists from outside the country need to take visa permission from the Indian government before travelling to Mandarmani Beach. Foreign nationals can holiday in this beautiful destination for the stipulated time as mention in the visa document. They must also carry their passport with them to avoid any inconvenience.


The scenic beach of Mandarmani is ideal for swimming in the sea. Other than swimming, visitors also love taking the adrenaline rushing water rides like jet skiing, surfing, banana boat rides and ATV rides. These activities are absolutely safe to perform even for non-swimmers and are performed under the supervision of an expert. The most popular attraction of Mandarmani Beach is the longest motorable ride that visitors get to enjoy here. The experience of catching the waves along the length of the beach is a one-of-its kind experience that cannot be aptly expressed in words.

Lying down lazily at the soft sandy shore and watching the waves fall and rise will free your mind from all the thoughts. The loveliness that one experiences viewing the sunrise and sunset from Mandarmani Beach is simply amazing. Taking long leisure walks barefooted on the beach is a very pleasurable activity that gives you the chance to enjoy the surrounding beauty of the place. While on the Mandarmani Beach visitors can also spot the red crabs playing hide and seek in the sand.

The Digha-Mandarmani Festival is a four day event held at the beach side that draws tourists to this destination. During the festival several beach sports and water events are conducted. The sea food festival gives food connoisseurs a chance to taste some popular fish delicacies of the region. All during the festival, a famous Bangla band performs to make the whole experience even more enjoyable. During this time Shopaholics can buy different objects like necklaces and wrist bands made from oysters and sea-shells.

 Places to Visit

The Digha Beach is located close to Mandarmani Beach and is a prime tourist attraction. The natural beauty of the place will make you fall in love with it instantly. At Digha Beach visitors can enjoy activities like beach cricket, volley ball and several other water sports.

Shankarpur Beach is a popular coastal strip located adjacent to Mandarmani. The beach is less crowded and boasts of a very serene and tranquil environment. The Shankarpur Beach is visited by holiday makers who like to have a peaceful and relaxed time.

Birla Industrial and Technological Museum is a famous science centre that was established in the year 1959. The museum has several galleries that hold different models of satellite objects. The Birla Industrial and Technological Museum also hosts numerous educational activities like sky observation and science shows.

 Food & Accommodation

Being a beach destination, the place offers a gourmet selection of sea food to the tourists. While at the beach you must definitely try the fresh fishes, prawns and crabs cooked in special spices. They are the speciality of the region and the taste extremely good. The shacks and small eateries serve tongue tingling Bengali cuisine that should not be missed. There are also numerous restaurants spread around Mandarmani Beach that serve all kinds of cuisines to the customers. Some of the famous places to eat are Rupashi Bangla, Shrimp Cocktail and Elgin.

There are countless choices in accommodation at Mandarmani Beach right from high-end resorts to budget hotels. If you are looking for low cost staying options the choices included are Dream Land, Digante, Debraj Beach Resort, Eco Villa Resorts, Dream Hut Resort, Resort Hirak Jayanti, Santinikietan Hotel & Resorts and The CandleWood Park Beach Resort & Spa to name a few. These hotels have room tariffs priced below INR 1000 for each night. Some of the mid-range hotels that provide pleasant stay to the guests are The Sana Beach, Rose Valley Resort, Aqua Marina Drive Inn, United 21, Masara Beach Resort, Anutri Beach Resort and Diamond Glory Hotel. These properties offer room per night at rate varying between INR 1500-3000. Mandarmani Beach also has two luxury properties that offer their guests superb service and extraordinary facilities. The two names in this category are Silicon Resort and Victoria Beach Resort. These resorts have rooms starting at INR 3000 for a night.

 Safety and Security

While driving at the Mandarmani beach side, visitors must enquire about the timings of high tide as during high tides; water level rises up at the beach side and can be dangerous.