Located in the chief port town of Gujarat, Mandvi Beach is a wonderful beach destination that offers loads of attractions to the tourists visiting the place in large numbers. This port town was founded by the king of Kutch, Khengarji in the year 1574. The region flourished quickly and now Mandvi Beach has become a popular holidaying spot of the state of Gujarat. Even though the importance of Mandvi as a port has faded, the beach of Mandvi still remains one of the busiest and crowded tourist’s destinations. Mandvi Beach experiences pleasant climatic conditions all year round and is an ideal summer retreat for the people of Kutch to get away from the scorching heat of sun.

 Location : State/District

Mandvi Beach is located in the district of Kachchh in the state of Gujarat in India.The latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of Mandvi Beach is 22.86⁰ North and 69.39⁰ East, respectively.

 Destination Type

Mandvi Beach is one of the superb beach destinations of Kutch.

 Family Vacation

Mandvi Beach is a perfect place to holiday with families and friends. At the beach side there are plenty of attractions besides the sightseeing options of the place to keep the visitors merrily engaged. Mandvi Beach is a chosen weekend getaway especially for the people of Gujarat to get some relief from the intolerable heat.

 Weather Information

Summers is Mandvi Beach is warm yet the climate remains comfortable. The months from March to May is marked as summer time at the beach. During this time the temperature ranges between 22⁰C to 38⁰C. Monsoons at Mandvi Beach start from June and continue till the month of September. The cool sea breeze makes the environment very pleasurable. Mandvi Beach receives ample rainfall during monsoons that also brings down the temperature of the place slightly. The month of October till February is winter time at Mandvi Beach. The place is relatively cool and you only need light woollen clothes during this time. The maximum and minimum temperature recorded at the beach is 30⁰C and 12⁰C respectively. Mandvi Beach can easily be visited any time of the year, but the best season to holiday at this place is from the months of October to March.

 Travelling Requirements

Mandvi can be easily visited any time of the year by the resident citizens of India. They can holiday in this beautiful beach at their convenience. However tourist from outside the country needs to take visa permission from the Indian government. They must submit a correct application along with important travel documents and photocopy of their passport. Only after getting visa clearance, foreign nations can visit Mandvi Beach for the specific number of days as mentioned in the document.


Mandvi Beach is a perfect place to relax and unwind under the clear blue sky and simultaneously enjoy the coastline. Because of the presence of the popular Kashi-Vishvanath temple close to the Salaya, the beach is also called as Kashi-Vishvanath Beach. The beach is ideal for swimming and visitors love spending time in the serene environment of the place. Tourists can enjoy activities like football, volley ball and few other games at the beachside. The seawater of the beach at Mandvi is simply beautiful. The sight of the beach, blue waters, fishing joints and beautiful docks makes the place worth experiencing.

At the beach, holiday makers also like to talk long walks along the shore. Tourists also walk down to the Mandvi Palace or close to the lake side without feeling tired. Mandvi Beach is a perfect destination for nature lovers as they get an opportunity to relish the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

 Places to Visit

Vijay Villas Palace is a beautiful royal palace located at a distance of 8 kms from the Mandvi Beach. The palace was built by Rao Vijayrajji in the year 1940. This beautiful palace was used as a summer retreat by the Maharao of Kutch. The Vijay Vilas Palace is spread over an area of 700 acres and the architecture of the palace is worth admiring.

Mandvi Port is another landmark destination located on the banks of River Rukmavati. It is an old centre for building ships and was constructed nearly four centuries ago by the rulers of Kutch for the purpose of sea trade. Some of products imported are dates, fertilisers, cotton seeds, salt, oil cakes, bauxite and building material.

Kranti Teerth is also known as The Shyamji Krishna Varma Memorial is situated at a distance of 4 kms from the main town of Mandvi. The founded of this monument was laid by respected Narendra Modi, then chief minister of Gujarat. The structure was completed in a period of 14 months and gives an insight into the life of Shyamji Krishna Varma and his part in the struggle for freedom of India.

The Shipbuilding Yard is visited by all the tourists visiting Mandvi Beach. The yard is located on the banks of River Rukmavati and watching the expert craftsmen assembling the ship is a rewarding experience. The Shipbuilding Yard is also an important tradeland of Timber.

Koday is another important religious destination located at 10 kms from Mandvi. The place is renowned for the Jain Temple Complex that houses 72 distinct shrines. This place is a sure visit destination for followers of Jainism.

 Food & Accommodation

After enjoying so much sightseeing and activities, the best way to satiate your hunger pangs is with the delightful food delicacies offered at restaurants close to the Mandvi Beach. These restaurants provide an extensive menu that includes all kinds of cuisines. The traditional Gujarati food should not be missed out and the sweet taste will linger in your mouth for long. Some of the popular eating joints around Mandvi Beach are Rasthal Restaurant, Saffron Pizza, Highway Restaurant, Tulsi Dining Hall, Kutch Inn, Aman Restaurant and Ra.

Mandvi Beach offers the best of accommodation facilities in all budget categories. Visitors can easily find high-end resorts to budget-friendly hotels depending on the amount they are willing to spend. Some low cost staying options of the place are Mahir Palace Hotel, Sea View Hotel and Rukmavati Guest House. These accommodations offer room at charges below INR 1500 for a night. Some mid-range staying options of the place include Shiv Nautica Hotel, H&V Beach Hotel and Vijay Vilas Heritage Resort. These properties have room tariffs ranging between INR 2000-3000 for each night. For luxurious travellers looking for world class staying experience close to the Mandvi Beach there is a property called Beach at Mandvi Palace. This beach resort offer the best of staying experience at charges starting at INR 7500 for a night.