Ramachandi Beach is a beautiful beach side in Orissa, located at the confluence of Bay of Bengal and Kusabhadra River. The beach derives its name from Goddess Ramachandi who is the presiding deity of the region. The Goddess is worshipped here with great respect and devotion. Ramachandi Beach is located at 7 kms from Konark and is a perfect destination close to the sea to enjoy some fun-filled hours. Unlike other beaches of Orissa, Ramachandi Beach is isolated, unspoilt and very scenic. The long stretch of golden sandy beach is lined with tall Palm trees making the environment very pristine. Ramachandi Beach is a very clean beach with clear blue waters that draws tourists from India and other parts of the world to this destination.

 Location : State/District

The Ramachandi Beach is located in the Indian state of Orissa, in the Puri district. The latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of Ramachandi Beach are 19.8576⁰ North and 86.0749⁰ East respectively.

 Destination Type

Ramachandi Beach is a very clean and beautiful beach destination of the eastern India.

 Family Vacation

The beachside at Ramachandi is perfect for vacationing with close friends and families. The serene and tranquil environment at the beach makes it an ideal getaway for city dwellers to break free from the stress and tension of their lives. Also the adventure sports at the Ramachandi Beach make it a preferred destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

 Weather Information

Ramachandi Beach experiences moderate climatic conditions all year round thereby making it an all-season destination. However the best time to vacation in this splendid beachside is from the months of October to March. The weather during this time is very enjoyable for both beach side fun and sightseeing. Moreover the tourist can also participate in the well-known Ramachandi Festival celebrated during this time with great zeal and enthusiasm.

 Travelling Requirements

If you are an Indian citizen, you can travel any time of the year at your convenience. There are no travelling restrictions for citizens of India. Foreign nationals wanting to visit Ramachandi Beach require visa permission from the government of India. They should submit a visa application clearly mentioning the duration and purpose of the stay. Also while visiting Ramachandi Beach, foreign tourists must carry important travel documents along with their passports at all times.


Being located at the merging point of Bay of Bengal and river Kusabhadra, the beach is ideal for swimming and sailing. Tourists love taking a swim in the sea and later relaxing with a sun bath. The swaying palm trees lined at the shore make the atmosphere ideal for taking long leisure walks at the shore. Collecting shells on the sandy beach is also a popular activity that keeps visitors engaged during the day. Traditional boats are also available on rent for sailing along the huge coastline. The Ramachandi Beach is also renowned for water activities like surfing, water skiing, motor boating, jet rides and scuba diving. These thrilling water sports, draws adventure lovers to this place. The Surf Festival at Ramachandi Beach has participants coming from different parts of the world. The display of the riding skills of the surfers is a pleasant sight, greatly admired by the tourists.

Besides the pristine beach and sandy shores, another biggest attraction of the Ramachandi Beach is the view of sunrise and sunset from the shores. Visitors simply laze around the beach side and enjoy the view of the scenic surroundings.

 Places to Visit

The Ramachandi Temple near the Ramachandi Beach is the chief attraction for visitors. The temple is located on the banks of River Kusabhadra and is dedicated to Goddess Ramachandi. According to the legend this temple was constructed by a priest when the Goddess asked him to do so. The Ramachandi Temple also comes under the famous Shakti Peeths of the state of Puri and holds immense religious significance among the locals and tourists alike.

The Konark Temple also known as the Sun Temple is a very popular tourist destination located close to the Ramachandi Beach. The temple was built during the 13th century and is also referred as ‘Black Pagoda’ as the temple was built using black granite. The chief attraction of the Konark Temple is the colossal chariot of Lord Surya and the structure is very admirable.

The Kanakeshwara Temple is a famous temple located in close proximity of the Ramachandi Beach. The place is among the Ashta Shambhu Siva Temples located in the state of Orissa. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is worshipped here as ‘Kanakashwara’.

 Food and Accommodation

During their stay at Ramachandi Beach, tourist can enjoy the wide selection of cuisines available on the menu of the restaurants spread around the beachside. These restaurants serve fresh preparations of food in a comfortable environment. Some of the famous eating joints that you must try are The Gajapati, Bhojohori Manna, New Parijat Restaurant, Wildgrass Restaurant, Aquarium Restaurant and Peace Restaurant.

There are no such accommodations close to the Ramachandi Beach and visitors need to visit the Konark region to find decent staying options. At Konark, travellers can find the choice of accommodations well within their budget. Some of the low cost staying options are Konark Lodge, Panthanivas Yatrinivas, Labanya Lodge, Surya Inn and Hotel Sun Villa. These hotels have tariffs below INR 1500 for each room/night. For tourists looking for comfortable staying experience with the best of facilities and services, the choices included are Lotus River Seaside Resort, Nature Camp Konark Retreat and Lotus Resort, Ramchandi Beach. These accommodations have room available at rent varying between INR 4000-6000 for a night.

 Safety and Security

The gradual sloping of the Ramachandi Beach makes it safer even for non-swimmers. While performing water sports, tourists must clearly understand and follow instructions for the same. Venturing deep into the sea unaccompanied can turn out to be a dangerous act.