Amavasya (Hindi: अमावस्या, Tamil: அமாவாசை, Malayalam: അമാവാസി, Telugu: అమావాస్య, Gujarati: અમાવાસ્યા) in Sanskrit means "day of new moon". It also means "belonging to the new moon or its festival".

In Indian culture, especially among Hindus the day and night of Amavasya holds great significance. Many festivals and vrats or fastings are associated with the Amavasya tithi. One of the most popular and brightest festival of India - Diwali, falls on the amavasya of Indian calendar month of Karthik.

Next Amavasya is on March 24, Tuesday

Amavasya time on March 24 - March 23, 12:30 pm to March 24, 2:58 pm

Amavasya in March, 2020 is Bhaumvati Amavasya or Bhomvati amavasya, the name given to amavasya that falls on Tuesday. Bhaumvati amavasya is considered very auspicious to offer prayer to deceased ancestors.

Amavasya in March 2020 is Chaitra amavasya or darsha amavasya, the first amavasya of the Hindu calendar year which starts with the month of Chaitra. From the next day, ie., from pradipada tithi of Chaitra month begins the 9 day Chaitra Navratri festival. However, as per the Gujarati calendar and the southern amanta calendar, this is Phalguna amavasya, the last amavasya of the Amanta Hindu calendar year. Telugu, Kannada and Marati people celebrate the day following Phalguna amavasya as new year, ie.,Ugadi or Gudi Padwa.

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New Moon night or Amavasya

Chaitra Amavasya (March 24) - Tithi start and end timing

Amavasya Tithi TimingMarch 23, 12:30 PM - March 24, 02:58 PM
Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More

After March 24, amavasya in April falls on April 22, 2020, Wednesday.

The day of amavasya is held in reverence by many and is believed to be the most auspicious day to offer shraddh and pay homage to one's ancestors, especially dead parents.

Some of the most popular observances and important amavasya dates are Mauni Amavasya, Shani Jayanti, Vat Savitri Vrat, Bhaumvati Amavasya, Lakshmi puja (Diwali), Hariyali Amavasya, Mahalaya Amavasya (Pitru Paksha).

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People throng Har Ki Pauri to take holy dip in the Ganga river on Somvati Amavasya in Haridwar

Of all the amavasya days, an amavasya falling on Monday (somvara) is considered most auspicious. Know as Somvati Amavasya, fasting and observing vrat (Somvati Amavasya Vrat) on this day is considered most meritorious. Taking holy dip in waters of the sacred rivers like the Ganga, Yamuna, Krishna or Kaveri. On the day of Somvati Amavasya, 1000s of devotees throng religious places like Haridwar, Varanasi etc.

All Amavasya dates in 2020 and Amavasya Tithi Timing

January 24th
Amavasya Tithi Timing : Jan 24, 2:17 AM - Jan 25, 3:11 AM
February 23rd
Amavasya Tithi Timing : Feb 22, 7:03 PM - Feb 23, 9:01 PM
March 24th
Amavasya Tithi Timing : Mar 23, 12:30 PM - Mar 24, 2:58 PM
April 22nd
Amavasya Tithi Timing : Apr 22, 5:38 AM - Apr 23, 7:55 AM
May 22nd
Amavasya Tithi Timing : May 21, 9:36 PM - May 22, 11:08 PM
June 21st
Amavasya Tithi Timing : Jun 20, 11:52 AM - Jun 21, 12:11 PM
July 20th
Amavasya Tithi Timing : Jul 20, 12:10 AM - Jul 20, 11:02 PM
August 19th
Amavasya Tithi Timing : Aug 18, 10:40 AM - Aug 19, 8:11 AM
September 17th
Amavasya Tithi Timing : Sep 16, 7:57 PM - Sep 17, 4:30 PM
October 16th
Amavasya Tithi Timing : Oct 16, 4:53 AM - Oct 17, 1:01 AM
November 15th
Amavasya Tithi Timing : Nov 14, 2:18 PM - Nov 15, 10:37 AM
December 14th
Amavasya Tithi Timing : Dec 14, 12:44 AM - Dec 14, 9:46 PM

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