Angarki Chaturthi is an auspicious fasting day for Hindus that is observed on Sankashti Chaturthi that falls on a Tuesday. This vrat is dedicated to God Ganesha and is also known as ‘Angarki Sankashti Chaturthi’. Normally the fasting is done on the ‘chaturthi’ (4th day) after purnima (full moon day) during the ‘Krishna Paksha’ (dark fortnight of moon) of every lunar month in the Hindu calendar.

There are 3 Angarki Chaturthi days in 2021. Angarki Chaturthi 2021 dates are March 02, July 27 and November 23.

Next Angarki Chaturthi is on July 27, 2021 Tuesday

Chaturthi tithi timing: July 27, 2:54 AM - July 28, 2:28 AM

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Angarki Chaturthi is considered to be the most auspicious of all the Sankashti Ganesha Chaturthi days. This day holds immense significance for followers of Marathi culture and the celebrations of this festival is particularly renowned in the western regions of India. In Maharashtra, special arrangements are made in Lord Ganesha temples on the day of Angarki Chaturthi.

‘Angarki’ is a word of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘red like burned coal’. Hindu devotees strongly believe that by worshipping Lord Ganesha and keeping a fast on this day will help them to fulfil all their desires. Angarki Chaturthi is thus a day of deliverance. It is explained in Hindu legends how Lord Ganesha blessed Lord Mars on this day. Therefore a person keeping a fast on this day receives blessings of both, Lord Ganesha and Lord Mars. Such a person will never face problems and live a contented and peaceful life.

Rituals during Angarki Chaturthi:

  • On Angarki Chaturthi, devotees get up early and take a bath. They worship an idol of Lord Ganesha made either from mud, copper or even gold. He is worshipped with proper rituals and offerings. ‘Modak’, the favourite sweet of Lord Ganesha is prepared and distributed among devotees, after the ‘aarti’.
  • Devotees keep a strict vrat on the day of Angarki Chaturthi to please Lord Ganesha. The fasting starts at sunrise and comes to an end after sighting the moon in the evening. The entire day is spent without eating a single grain of food. Some people also observe a partial fast in which eating of fruits and sabudana khichdi is allowed.
  • While fasting, drinking excessive fluid or eating betel leaves, nuts or tobacco is strictly prohibited and is equivalent to breaking the fast.
  • The Angarki Chaturthi vrat ends after sighting moon and performing puja of God Ganesha. Devotees also offer ‘aargya’ to Ganesha and then break their fast by consuming pure vegetarian food. Devotees also worship the Moon God on this day with sandalwood paste, rice and flowers.
  • Vedic mantras dedicated to Lord Ganesha are recited on this day. It is very rewarding to read the ‘Ganapati Atharvashesha’ before moonlight on Angarki Chaturthi. Bhajans and religious hymns are also sung on this day in praise of Lord Ganesha.

Important Timings On Angarki Chaturthi

Chaturthi Tithi Timing March 02, 5:46 AM - March 03, 2:59 AM
Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More

Significance of Angarki Chaturthi:

The importance and rituals of Angarki Chaturthi is mentioned in religious scriptures like ‘Ganesha Purana’ and ‘Smriti Kaustubha’. Devotees worship Lord Ganesha on this day to seek His blessings for a joyful and prosperous life. According to the Hindu legends, Lord Ganesha is also known to be the supreme lord of intelligence and remover of all obstacles. Hence worshipping God Ganesha will help people to remove obstacles and reduce problems in their life. The occurrence of Angarki Chaturthi is once in six months and is celebrated with utmost zeal and dedication. It is also held that a person who observes a sacred fast on Angarki Chaturthi gets the same benefits as those obtained by keeping the Sankashti Ganesha Chaturthi, all throughout the year.

Angarki Chaturthi festival dates between 2018 & 2028

2018Tuesday, 3rd of April
2018Tuesday, 31st of July
2018Tuesday, 25th of December
2019Tuesday, 17th of September
2021Tuesday, 2nd of March
2021Tuesday, 27th of July
2021Tuesday, 23rd of November
2022Tuesday, 19th of April
2022Tuesday, 13th of September
2023Tuesday, 10th of January
2024Tuesday, 25th of June
2025Tuesday, 18th of March
2025Tuesday, 12th of August
2026Tuesday, 6th of January
2026Tuesday, 5th of May
2026Tuesday, 29th of September
2027Tuesday, 22nd of June
2028Tuesday, 5th of December

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