Magha Snan End 2024 24 February, 2024 5 months 3 days to go
Purnima Tithi Timings*:

Purnima Tithi Start:
09:50 PM on Jan 24

Purnima Tithi End:
11:23 PM on Jan 27

Other important timings* on 24 February, 2024
Sunrise 07:13 AM
Sunset 06:04 PM
Moonrise 06:24 PM
Moonset 07:23 AM
*Timing in IST for Ujjain, India Change Location

Magha Snan End 2024 was on 24th February.

Magha Snan End

Magha Snan is a sacred bathing ritual during the Hindu month of ‘Magha’. In the Gregorian calendar, it is observed during the months of January-February. This ritualistic bathing ceremony commences on the ‘Purnima’ (full moon day) of the ‘Paush’ month and comes to an end on the day of Maha Shivratri. Hindu devotees perform Magha Snan at the time of sunrise and it is believed to be a highly meritorious, spiritual and sacred act. It is said that by taking a bath everyday during this auspicious month can free an individual from any dreadful and ghastly sins. Although all the days of the Magha month are suitable for taking a holy dip, there are few days that hold special significance such as Makar Sankranti, Basant Panchami, Maha Shivratri and Magha Purnima. The observance of Magha Snan at Sangam Prayag in Allahabad is very popular and thousands of devotees gather to perform this bathing ceremony. It is believed that a person who takes a bath at Sangam during the Magha month attains moksha or salvation.

Magha Snan End 2024 is on February 24 Saturday

5 months and 3 days to go for the event

Rituals during Magha Snan:

  • Devotees get up early and perform Snan at the time of sunrise. Hindus visit important pilgrimages during the time of Magha Snan like Sangam in Allahabad, Haridwar and Rishikesh as it is believed to be 1000 times more rewarding. If one cannot visit these places, the Magha Snan ritual can also be performed in any lake, pond or river. Taking a holy dip just before sunrise, ‘Arunodaya Kala’ is considered to be very auspicious.
  • It is believed that giving ‘Aarghya’ to Sun God while performing Magha Snan is very rewarding. Devotees also worship Sun God on this day. It is ritual to donate ‘gur’ (jaggery) and ‘til’ (sesame seeds) to Brahmins. People also lit earthen lamps in their homes during the entire month of Magha.
  • Some devotees even observe strict fasting during this period, known as ‘Magha Vrat’. They do not consume a single grain from dusk to dawn. Some staunch devotees also take a vow of silence for few hours after performing the Magha Snan ritual.
  • Devotees must also give donations and charities after taking the Magha Snan. It is meritorious to offer clothes, money and commodities to Brahmins and even to those in need.
  • In several places, fair is held during the time of Magha Snan. This Magha Snan fair is extremely famous in places like Haridwar, Uttarakhand and Prayag. It is celebrated with great zeal and excitement every year.

Important Timings On Magha Snan End 2024

SunriseJanuary 25, 7:13 AM
SunsetJanuary 25, 6:04 PM
Purnima Tithi Timing January 24, 09:50 PM - January 27, 11:23 PM
Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More

Significance of Magha Snan:

In the traditional Hindu calendar, Magha is the 11th month and is considered to be very important for performing Snan, Daan and Yagna and Tarpan. The significance and merits of Magha Snan is found in several Hindu religious texts and puranas like Brahmanda Purana and Vayu Purana. It is mentioned in these scriptures that by performing the Magha Snan ritual one can get the merits of performing 10,000 Ashwamedha Yagyas. The Snan or bathing ritual does not only cleanse the body, it also purifies the mind and soul. Hindus believe that performing the Snan ritual in Magha month will free them from their sins and provide salvation.

Magha Snan End festival dates between 2020 & 2030

2021Saturday, 27th of February
2022Wednesday, 16th of February
2023Sunday, 5th of February
2024Saturday, 24th of February
2025Wednesday, 12th of February
2026Sunday, 1st of February
2027Sunday, 21st of February
2028Thursday, 10th of February
2029Tuesday, 30th of January
2030Monday, 18th of February