North Anang Trayodashi Vrat is observed on the ‘trayodashi’ (13th day) during the ‘Shukla Paksha’ (the growing phase of moon) in the month of ‘Margashirsh’ of the traditional Hindu calendar. This festival is dedicated to worshipping Lord Shiva and is an important day for followers of Lord Shiva. The Anang Trayodashi Vrat must be performed for a year on all the ‘Shukla Paksha Trayodashi’ of every lunar month. In the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, however, Anang Trayodashi Vrat is observed in the Hindu month of ‘Chaitra’.

North Anang Trayodashi Vrat 2022 is on December 05 Monday

3 months and 25 days to go for the event

Rituals during North Anang Trayodashi Vrat:

  • On the day of North Anang Trayodashi Vrat, devotees get up before sunrise and take an early bath. On this day they worship Lord Shiva with full devotion and dedication. Various offerings are made to the Lord in the form of fruits and flowers, besides performing the 16-step Hindu puja rituals. After completing the puja, dakshina and food are offered to Brahmins and needy.
  • Besides Lord Shiva, Hindu devotees also offer prayers to Lord Kamdev and His consort, Rati, on the day of North Anang Trayodashi Vrat. Lord Kamdev is also called as ‘Kandarp’. On the day of North Anang Trayodashi Vrat, it is very virtuous to get the ‘darshan’ of Kandarp Ishwar, in Ujjain. It is believed that a person who visits this place on this chosen day will find a place in the ‘Dev Lok’, after death. Grand celebrations are held in this temple on the day of North Anang trayodashi Vrat.
  • Fasting is an important ritual of the day. The observer of North Anang Trayodashi Vrat does not eat or drink anything all through the day. The fast is broken at night after completing all the puja rituals in a systematic manner.

Important Timings On North Anang Trayodashi Vrat

SunriseDecember 05, 2022 6:58 AM
SunsetDecember 05, 2022 5:36 PM
Trayodashi Tithi BeginsDecember 05, 2022 5:58 AM
Trayodashi Tithi EndsDecember 06, 2022 6:47 AM
Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More

Significance of North Anang Trayodashi Vrat:

The significance of North Anang Trayodashi Vrat is described in Hindu religious scriptures like the ‘Garuda Purana’. It is an important festival for worshippers of Lord Shiva. It is believed that a person who religiously observes the North Anang Trayodashi Vrat for a period of one year will be bestowed with good fortune, health, wealth and prosperity. According to the Hindu legends, Devi Rati performed this auspicious fasting and worshipped Lord Shiva to get her husband Lord Kamdev back. Pleased by her dedication, Shiva assured that Kamdev would take re-birth as ‘Praduman’ (the son of Lord Krishna). He also stated that anyone who performs the North Anang Trayodashi Vrat in the prescribed manner will enjoy a blissful married life. Furthermore observing this vrat will also provide married couple, the happiness of a child.

North Anang Trayodashi Vrat festival dates between 2019 & 2029

2019Monday, 9th of December
2020Sunday, 27th of December
2021Thursday, 16th of December
2022Monday, 5th of December
2023Sunday, 24th of December
2024Friday, 13th of December
2025Tuesday, 2nd of December
2026Monday, 21st of December
2027Saturday, 11th of December
2028Wednesday, 29th of November
2029Tuesday, 18th of December

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