Vaishnava Saphala Ekadashi falls during the ‘Krishna Paksha Ekadashi’ (11th day of the waning phase of moon) in the month of ‘Naaraayana’ of the Vaishnava calendar. For Samarth’s, following the Hindu calendar, this date falls in the lunar month of ‘Pausa’ that also corresponds to the month of December to January in the Gregorian calendar. The Vaishnava Saphala Ekadashi also known as ‘Pausa Krishna Ekadashi’ is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and on this day Hare Krishna followers worship Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu with great zeal and fervour. This ekadashi is believed to be superior over other ekadashis as it frees the person from all the committed sins and also opens the door to earthly fame.

The word ‘saphala’ in Hindi language implies ‘to prosper’ and hence the observer of this auspicious ekadashi vrat will be bestowed with immense happiness and success in his/her life. The Vaishnava Saphala Ekadashi day meant for decreased emphasis on bodily needs and increased spiritual practice. This ekadashi holds immense significance for Vaishnavism followers and on this day special arrangements are made in Lord Krishna temples, all across India.

There is no Vaishnava Saphala Ekadashi in 2022

Rituals during Vaishnava Saphala Ekadashi:

  • On the day of Vaishnava Saphala Ekadashi devotees offer prayers to Lord Krishna and the day is spent in His remembrance. The idol of Sri Krishna is given a sacred bath with ‘Panchamrita’ and beautifully adorned with jewelry and clothes. Devotees offer various kinds of seasonal fruits and flowers to please the lord. On Saphala Ekadashi day it is auspicious to light a ghee lamp or diya in front of Sri Krishna to seek His affection and love.
  • Devotees also keep fasting in the honour of their lord. While some devotees maintain strict fast, some even undergo partial fasting. In the first means of fasting no food is eaten at all while the second form of fasting can be done by consuming fruits and dairy products.
  • The observer of the Vaishnava Saphala Ekadashi should spend the day engaging in the kirtans and bhajans. He/she must visit Lord Vishnu’s temples during the evening and even offer services there. Sleeping during the night of ekadashi is also prohibited.
  • Offering charity on Vaishnava Saphala Ekadashi is highly rewarding. One must offer donations to the poor and needy as per one’s capacity. Donations can be in the form of food, money, clothes or anything that is needed in day-to-day life.

Significance of Vaishnava Saphala Ekadashi:

The importance of Vaishnava Saphala Ekadashi is stated in the ‘Brahmanda Purana’ as a discussion between King Yudhishthira and Lord Krishna. It is believed that no form of sacrifice or visiting any pilgrimages is more meritorious than performing the Vaishnava Saphala Ekadashi vrat. The observer of this sacred ekadashi vrat will receive unbounded fame and victories in his/her life and after enjoying the blissful life will seek salvation or ‘moksha’. The power of the Vaishnava Saphala Ekadashi is such that its observer will be freed from the continuous cycle of birth and death and resides in the supreme abode of Lord Vishnu, known as ‘Vaikunth’.

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