There is so much in a name, says our Birth Astrological Stars!

You could have just got married, and looking forward for new relationship. Or you could have separated and look forward to sticking back to your maiden name. Whatever be the reason, listen to your stars carefully before deciding on a new name.

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Ask any numerology – what’s in a name? And they will tell you, your life is always dependent on the name that is attached to you. It has got a proportionate relation to the way your life could change in different paths.

So, choosing the right letters for your name is actually vital for your long life, success and happiness.

Few numeric lessons while naming your baby:

It will do you good to keep these number gags in mind while giving your baby a blessed name.

You must understand that each and every letter is tied to a number from 1-10.

Once you select a name, add them up, until you can minimize it to a single digit.

This will help you determine your real personality and future as per the numerology charts.

When you compare this concept with astrology, it appears to be suite different. What you see in your astrological star sign will have little or no resemblance to digits added up from your name.

Before settling down on a name, consult with a professional numerology name expert and then decide a name.

After all, a name cannot be changed frequently. It embodies the person in you. So, choose the name calmly, steadily and thoughtfully.

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Problems of wrong names:

If the name does not suit a person’s personality, then the person will feel uneasy, confused and even their thoughts and deeds will not be streamlined in a positive manner.

A wrong name could affect relationships, our mental state of thinking, negative emotions could surge in, and hit our career line to a rock bottom. That would be awful for all of us.

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Benefit of the Right Baby Name

Surely, it does not affect a new born baby. The effect of a name begins only when the baby grows into a toddler and passes by each stage of life.

Once the child or the adult begins to talk, think, have friends, do various types of work, get into relationships, the after effects of selecting a name will get noticed.

As per numerologists, the right number combination brings an enlightenment to the mind and soul of the person. Confused of what name to choose? We'll help you!

That would even influence the way we perceive a simple idea, or a conversation with a friend in a positive way.

Somehow, without doing much, we tend to be happy, content and self satisfied with life. We will find solace in what lives around us. Basically, we love ourselves and begin to see the good in everything.

At the same time, a right name can ward off hidden evil spirits from our path of life. Many people who have changed their names felt an immediate confidence boost and that help curb a lot of fear and intimidations they suffered earlier in life.

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