Narada Munni was the messenger of God and an important Vedic sage. Millions of Hindus celebrate his birth anniversary as Narada Jayanti. It is observed in Krishna Paksha of the Vaisakh month. Sage Narada would travel through different lokas that is aakash, paatal and prithvi, communicating information and singing with instrument veena in his hand. He himself was a big devotee of Lord Vishnu and would always sing devotional songs. He is considered intellectual as well as mischievous. He depicts the present journalists.

Narada Jayanti is also known as Patrakar diwas in some parts of India because Devrishi Narada is considered to be the precursor of journalists and musicians. In Northern states, this day holds many seminars and meetings to celebrate the birthday of Narada Munni.

Narada Jayanti 2023 is on May 06 Saturday

8 months and 20 days to go for the event

Rituals of the Day

  • Devotees should take bath in holy water and get ready for puja as early as possible.
  • Idol or picture of Lord Vishnu is worshiped on this day, as Sage Narada himself was a great devotee of the God of the Universe.
  • It is said the puja should be done with pure heart and mind. You can offer tulsi, flowers, insence stick, and lamp to the God, followed by aarti of Lord Vishnu.
  • One should visit Kashi Vishwanath and feed the Brahmans. Feeding Brahmans on this day is considered very auspicious.

Important Timings On Narada Jayanti

SunriseMay 06, 2023 5:54 AM
SunsetMay 06, 2023 6:52 PM
Pratipada Tithi BeginsMay 05, 2023 11:04 PM
Pratipada Tithi EndsMay 06, 2023 9:52 PM
Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More

Narada Temples is located in Chigateri, which is 50 kms away from Davanagere in Karnataka and Korva, near Raichur in Karnataka. Narada Jayanti is celebrated in these temples with great joy. Devotees and tourists visit these temples from all over the world and seek blessings. Since, Naradji is considered to be the pioneer in communication he is worshipped with the purpose to be blessed with the same skills he owned. You can observe fast on this day to be a master of all learning.

Narada Jayanti festival dates between 2019 & 2029

2019Sunday, 19th of May
2020Friday, 8th of May
2021Thursday, 27th of May
2022Tuesday, 17th of May
2023Saturday, 6th of May
2024Friday, 24th of May
2025Tuesday, 13th of May
2026Saturday, 2nd of May
2027Friday, 21st of May
2028Tuesday, 9th of May
2029Monday, 28th of May

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