Religion Muslim
Gender Girl
MeaningLoyal, Faithfulness
Origin Arabic Roman Urdu
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Name VariantsWafah, Wafaa, Waffa, Wapha, Waffah, Waphah

Names with similar meaning: Loyal, Faithfulness

Wafa, Amaan, Ameen, Amin, Arlette, Asma, Faith, Lemuela, Rebecca, Ruth, Wafiya, Wafiyyah, Constance, Lela, Aabid

Numerology details of name Wafa

Numerology Number4
Destiny Number4
Inner Dream Number11
Soul Urge Number
(Heart's Desire or Motivation Number)
Personality Number11
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Personality details of name Wafa

Ruling PlanetUranus
Positive NatureThinks critically and practically
Negative TraitsSuspicious and keeps secrets
Lucky ColoursLight orange, grey, dark blue and khaki
Lucky DaysMonday and Sunday
Lucky StonesLight Blue Sapphire, Gomed
Harmony Numbers1,2,7
Problematic Numbers8 and 4
Best Suited Professionsengineers and design engineers
Health IssuesUrinary Infections
What people would generally like about you?They talk well and are friendly
What people would generally dislike about you?Can be stubborn and prejudiced at times

Names Similar to Wafa

Aahva, Eva, Iva, Aava, Wafaa, Eve, Ava, Jiva, Wafadar, Aafiya