Religion Muslim
Gender Boy
MeaningFinder, Inventor, Discoverer
Origin Roman Urdu
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Names with similar meaning: Finder, Inventor, Discoverer

Wajid, Naaqid, Galileo, Daedalus, Wajidah, Kaashif, Kaashifah

Numerology details of name Wajid

Numerology Number2
Destiny Number2
Inner Dream Number1
Soul Urge Number
(Heart's Desire or Motivation Number)
Personality Number1
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Personality details of name Wajid

Ruling PlanetMoon
Positive NatureSoft Hearted People
Negative TraitsMood Swings
Lucky ColoursWhite, green, cream and lavender
Lucky DaysSunday and Monday
Lucky StonesWhite Pearl
Harmony Numbers1,2,4 7
Problematic Numbers8
Best Suited ProfessionsDancers and musicians
Health IssuesExcessive stress and nervousness can cause hypertension
What people would generally like about you?Great admirer of beauty
What people would generally dislike about you?Moody Person and that affects decision making

Names Similar to Wajid

Ajit, Yajat, Yojit, Yogita, Ajeeta, Jaaijit, Ajith, Ajitha