What do you understand about International Mountain Day ?

It was created with the humble intention of making the world know how important mountains are for this world.

Plus, how crucial it is for man to look after the natural gift called Mountains.

International Mountain Day 2022 is on December 11 Sunday

4 months to go for the event

mountain Image Source: Xinhua/Yang Zongyou/IANS

When was this day born?

In the year 2002, the United Nations (UN) felt the need to protect and build the awareness for mountains around the world.

For this, they announced that December 11th can be deemed as the International Mountain Day from 2002 onwards.

The aim was ot signify the role of mountains in our daily living. This would mean that they are one reason for food and water for the humans and animals in the mountainous regions.

But over time with pollution, this can get reduced. So, let these natural resources survive and serve the purpose for which they which they were created.

This is one elaborate ecosystem that we need to protect on a worldwide basis.

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The Theme of International Mountain Day 

In 2017, the theme was 'Mountains under Pressure: climate, hunger, migration'. 

In 2018, the theme will be #MountainsMatter

What does it stand for?

They theme focusses on gives importance to all elements of nature that get affected by mountains like water, risk and disaster reduction, biodiversity, tourism, food, indigenous peoples and the youth.

Why is the need for such a day?

If there is a climate change, then this is first felt by the mountain areas. They are like large walls that can control winds and rains in different parts of the world.

You will find the purest water and which is not polluted- only by the mountain side.

But as migration and tourism find its way into the areas- people forget to share their respect fro nature.

They dump wastes, and that affects the flora and fauna of the area.

 One advantage of this place is that you get clean energy in this area. That makes the people much more healthier.

Life is simple in these places, and so urban life should no try to put their poisonous footprints into this area.

If animals, insects and bird life feel threatened by the unthoughtful human invasion, then this could affect their lives and that could cause a drastic change in the ecosystem.


International Mountain Day festival dates between 2019 & 2029

2019Wednesday, 11th of December
2020Friday, 11th of December
2021Saturday, 11th of December
2022Sunday, 11th of December
2023Monday, 11th of December
2024Wednesday, 11th of December
2025Thursday, 11th of December
2026Friday, 11th of December
2027Saturday, 11th of December
2028Monday, 11th of December
2029Tuesday, 11th of December

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