What is Father’s Day?

A father takes up many roles in one’s life. It could be a protector, the money maker, the emotional back up of the family and lots more. On Father’s Day, people around the world take time out to show their gratitude to their parents, step parents, grand parents and even role models. 

Fathers Day 2022 was on June 19 Sunday

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When is Father's Day?

Father’s Day is celebrated in almost all countries around the world. It falls around the third week of June in many places. 

Significance and Origin of Father’s Day

As per History , it mentions that President Woodrow Wilson officially declared that June 19 should be named as Father’s Day. This move took place after he has also announced the formation of Mother’s Day. In 2019, Father’s Day falls on June 16 in India, US, Canada and U.K.

The first Father’s Day was unofficial, but performed in memory of the 362 men who were trapped and killed in one coal mining explosion. The fathers who passed away were remembered during a religious sermon. After that, the tradition died.

Once Mother’s Day became a well known day in 1860s, a lady named Sonora from Washington wanted to honour and remember fathers too. She felt that if women were given their share of respect and importance, so must fathers be eligible for the same.

She was raised by single father and wanted the world to know that males too can too become excellent parents. She went about voicing her need and asked the people to support her cause. Finally the statewide declaration of Father’s Day was established on June 19, 1910. Following that, Mother’s Day became official in 1914.

How do people celebrate Father’s Day around the world?

In the beginning people disliked the idea of gifting flowers to the men in the family. As per British culture, it did not sound very manly. But overtime, these beliefs underwent a lot of change. 

Today, people love to share their love in the form of greeting cards, messages, touching quotes, gifts and flowers to make their fathers happy on this special day.  On Father's Day, you too can send your love and gratitude across by sending fabulous gifts that they may not buy on their own, some good foodie treats and some meaningful Father’s Day 2019 Quotes.

Fathers Day festival dates between 2019 & 2029

2019Sunday, 16th of June
2020Sunday, 21st of June
2021Sunday, 20th of June
2022Sunday, 19th of June
2023Sunday, 18th of June
2024Sunday, 16th of June
2025Sunday, 15th of June
2026Sunday, 21st of June
2027Sunday, 20th of June
2028Sunday, 18th of June
2029Sunday, 17th of June

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