Mrigasira karthi (Mrigashirsha karte) marks the entry and transit of Sun through Mrigasira Nakshatra. This usually falls during the 7th or 8th of June every month. According to Hindu Calendar, Mrigashira Karte marks the onset of monsoon season. This year, ie. 2024, Mrigasira Karthi falls on June 07, Friday.

It is belived that eating fish on Mrigasira Karthi cures or eases breathing disorders.

In Hyderabad, India, Mrigasira Karthi is associated with 'Fish Prasadam', an annual event where people with asthma and breathing disorders is administered live fish stuffed with herbal medicine, a free service offered by Bathini Goud family for 5 generations.

Mrigashira Karte 2024 is on June 07 Friday

8 months and 12 days to go for the event

Important Timings On Mrigashira Karte 2024

SunriseJune 07, 2024 5:44 AM
SunsetJune 07, 2024 7:07 PM
Place : Ujjain [ India ] See More

Mrigashira Karte festival dates between 2020 & 2030

2020Sunday, 7th of June
2021Tuesday, 8th of June
2022Wednesday, 8th of June
2023Thursday, 8th of June
2024Friday, 7th of June
2025Sunday, 8th of June
2026Monday, 8th of June
2027Tuesday, 8th of June
2028Wednesday, 7th of June
2029Friday, 8th of June
2030Saturday, 8th of June