One of the most beautiful phases in women's life is Pregnancy. As a woman, she experiences many unique changes in her body structure. She may ask a lot of questions than usual about what all needs to be done but all she wants is to keep herself and the baby safe and healthy. 

We have compiled some proven scientific health facts that may be useful during the phase of pregnancy:

1. Antibiotics and Pregnancy: Avoid antibiotics during pregnancy to reduce the risk of developing inflammatory bowel diseases. Researchers have confirmed the use of antibiotics to the reduction of gut microbiome - an essential host for the proper functioning of immune. The inability of the gut microbiome to function properly can cause inflammatory bowel disease or any other kinds of complex immune disorders in pregnant women.

2. Avoid using soaps and liquid lotions: This may come as a shock to many but studies have confirmed the environmental levels of triclocarban (TCC), an antibacterial chemical found in personal care products like soaps and lotions to be harmful to babies in the womb during pregnancy. This exposure can transfer to offspring and may interfere with metabolism. 

3. Avoid excessive sugar: Use of excessive sugar in the diet during pregnancy makes the baby in the womb to be allergic or asthmatic. This was concluded by the Queen Mary University of London researchers. Please avoid excessive sugar consumption and try to avoid foods, drinks with sugar ratios, honey, syrups, fruit juices and fructose that may cause a postnatal allergic inflammation in the lungs.

4. Oral health: It is important to take care of your oral health and visiting your dentist regularly during pregnancy. A recent study concluded that gum disease has a role in delaying conception. The periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that appears below the gum line and scientists detected this bacteria in the saliva of the women who don't become pregnant in the one year follow-up period. Maintaining a good oral hygiene is recommended for women during this phase.

5. 'No' to High-fat diets: High-fat diets during pregnancy elevates the risk of breast cancer. Not only that high-fat diets increase the resistance to cancer treatment, results in poor cancer prognosis and impairs anti-cancer immunity.

6. Eat a healthy diet: Above all, keep yourself hydrated and eat plenty of fruits, veggies during pregnancy to look blissful.

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