Kua numbers help one to know the different directions that suit him/her, and the ones that need to be avoided. Let us take a look at the various directions of Kua number 1.

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Kua Number 1 Auspicious directions - how to utilize them?

Sheng Chi • Direction for Prosperity

This auspicious direction helps one to prosper in their career and also brings in great success and wealth.

Direction - Southeast

  1. Place a money plant or any other plant with round leaves in this direction.
  2. Place a Chinese dragon facing this direction.
  3. Place a three-legged frog known as ‘Wealth Toad’ facing this direction. It should have a coin in its mouth. This frog should never face the main door.
  4. Place any God who brings in wealth or Laughing Buddha in this area.

Tien Yi • Direction for Health

This auspicious direction provides relief from ailments and improves health conditions.

Direction - East

  1. Place a Chinese dragon in this direction. But do not place it in the bedroom.
  2. Place any kind of a water feature in this direction. It helps in improving one’s health.
  3. Hang or display crystals in this direction to enhance health.

Nien Yen • Direction for Romantic Life

This auspicious direction helps in building good relationships be it romantic or professional.

Direction - South

  1. To enhance romantic relationships place peony flowers or their pictures or a pair of Mandarin Ducks in this direction.
  2. Place pictures of the Phoenix to help strengthen bonds.

Fu Wei • Direction for Personal Growth

This auspicious direction brings in stability and personal development in life.

Direction - North

  1. Place a ‘Money Turtle’ in this direction.
  2. Statues of Elephant denote wisdom and steadiness. Place these for personal growth.

Kua Number 1 Inauspicious directions • Tips to neutralize its effect

A common remedy for all these directions is that, do not sit facing these directions and do not perform any activities in these directions.

Ho Hai • Direction bringing Bad luck

This inauspicious direction increases the hardships in life with its negative energy.

Direction - West

  1. Make this area your store room or toilet.
  2. Never place any earth elements like Rock Crystals, clay figurines, Earth element art etc... in this area.
  3. Display pictures of fish swimming in this area.

Wu gui • Direction of the Five Ghosts

This inauspicious direction causes treachery and misunderstanding with its negative energy.

Direction - Northeast

  1. To combat this negativity place any brass object preferably Brass Kuan Yin.
  2. Hang Six I Ching Coins tied to red colored threads in this area.

Liu Sha • Direction of Six Killings

This inauspicious direction harms social and personal relationships with its negative energy. Also attracts legal problems.

Direction - Northwest

  1. Use Precious Gourds in this area.
  2. Place idol of Eight Immortals in this area. It symbolizes abundance and happiness.

Jueh Ming • Direction causing Total Loss

It is the most dangerous inauspicious direction that causes illnesses, financial loss and career downfall.

Direction - Southwest

  1. Do not use any door or window that is placed in this direction. Keep them closed.
  2. Place a Laughing Buddha in this direction to counter balance the negative energy.
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