Kua numbers are unique numbers that tell one how to energize the positive energy. It also provides various remedies to avoid the negative energy.

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Auspicious directions for Kua Number 7- How to utilize them?

Sheng Chi • Direction for Prosperity

This auspicious direction brings in success, good luck and wealth.

Direction - Northwest

  1. The main door of the workplace and house should face this direction. It will bring in success.
  2. Place a Chinese Dragon or Laughing Buddha in this direction.
  3. Work in this direction.
  4. Place a pair of Qi Lins in this direction.

Tien Yi • Direction for Health

This auspicious direction targets health and well-being.

Direction - Southwest

  1. Sleep in this direction.
  2. Display objects made from earth element such as pots or semi-precious stones.
  3. If there is a door facing this direction use it.
  4. Place a pair of Wuloo by the bed-side.

Nien Yen • Direction for Romantic Life

This auspicious direction improves relationships at work and home.

Direction - Northeast

  1. Hang a Chinese scroll of Mandarin Ducks or a pair of Mandarin ducks should be placed in this direction.
  2. Rose Quartz Hearts or Jade Double Happiness Charm can also be placed.

Fu Wei • Direction for Personal Growth

This auspicious direction brings in calmness of mind and mental stability.

Direction - West

  1. Display statues or paintings of Tiger or Elephants in this direction.
  2. Tortoises of Harmony can also be placed in this direction.

Kua number 2 inauspicious directions - how to neutralize their effect?

Ho Hai • Direction for Bad luck

This inauspicious direction leads to sufferings and disappointment.

Direction - North

  1. Do not keep clocks in this area.
  2. Keep this area clean.
  3. Place a pair of Qi Lins or Laughing Buddha in this area to prevent the negative energy.

Wu Gui • Direction for Five Ghosts

This inauspicious direction leads to confusion and misinterpretation.

Direction - South

  1. Do not sleep in this area.
  2. Place a 5 clear Crystal Quartz Semi-Precious Stones or Crystal Lotus in this area.
  3. Keep an earthen pot in this area filled with rice.
  4. Place a statue of Quan Yin to reduce the negative energy.

Liu Sha • Direction for Six Killings

This inauspicious direction attracts legal hassles. It also spoils relations.

Direction - Southeast

  1. Do not conduct a meeting facing this direction.
  2. Do not enter a house through a door placed in this direction.
  3. Place a statue of Kuan Kung to nullify the negative energy.

Jueh Ming • Direction for Total Loss

This inauspicious direction is the nastiest and should be avoided at all costs.

Direction - East

  1. Do not work in this direction.
  2. If possible have a kitchen in this area.
  3. The main door of the workplace or home should not face this direction.
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