Kua number five has different set of auspicious and inauspicious directions for the female gender. Let us take a look at the 8 directions of Kua number 5 for the females. (Kua number 5 male)

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Auspicious directions - how to utilize them?

Sheng Chi • Direction of Prosperity

This auspicious direction brings in prosperity and wealth.

Direction - Southwest

  1. Hang a photograph of 9 carp fishes. It brings in money.
  2. Place wealth symbols such as Pi Yao, coins set and golden ingots in this area to activate the positive energy of this area.
  3. Display a three-legged frog in this area. But it should not face the main door.

Tien Yi • Direction of Health

This auspicious direction improves health conditions.

Direction - Northwest

  1. Make this area the bedroom. It will be beneficial for a healthy life.
  2. Place a pair of Wuloo by the bedside.
  3. Place a tortoise in this direction as it symbolizes a fit and long life.

Nien Yen • Direction of Romantic life

This auspicious direction enhances love-life. Also improves relationships at office.

Direction - West

  1. Face this direction to improve relationships.
  2. Place a pair of Mandarin Ducks
  3. Also place pictures of peony flowers in this direction.

Fu Wei • Direction of Personal growth

This auspicious direction brings in calmness and mental stability

Direction - Northeast

To energize the positive energy of this direction place a crystal globe. Spin it every day.

Inauspicious directions for Kua Number 5 Female

Ho Hai • Direction Bringing Bad luck

This inauspicious direction brings in bad luck. But it is the least harmful among all the other unlucky directions.

Direction - South

  1. Make this area your storeroom.
  2. Do not sleep in this area. Do not even face this area while sleeping as it will affect the professional life and health.
  3. Place objects made from earth elements such as earthen pots and ceramic.

Wu Gui • Direction of Five Ghosts

This inauspicious direction causes deceit and misinterpretation with its negative energy.

Direction - North

  1. Place objects made from wood in this direction.
  2. Keep this area clean as dirt and clutter will activate the negative energy of this area.
  3. Do not face this direction as it will bring in struggles.

Liu Sha • Direction of Six Killings

This inauspicious direction causes accidents and injuries. It also causes legal hassles.

Direction - East

  1. Do not face this direction while working.
  2. Place a kitchen or a storeroom in this direction.
  3. Do not place any water feature in this direction as it will activate the negative energy of this direction.

    Jueh Ming • Direction of Total Loss

    This is the wickedest inauspicious direction. It causes financial loss, health problems and also spoils relationships with its negative energy.

    Direction - Southeast

    1. Do not use this direction.
    2. Place a toilet, storeroom or kitchen in this direction.
    3. The main door of workplace and the house should face this direction.
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