Kua numbers help one to revitalize the positive energies and discard the negative energies from their lives. It presents a set of lucky and unlucky directions which are needed to be adjusted. Let us take a look at Kua number 9.

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Auspicious directions for Kua Number 9

Sheng Chi • Direction which brings prosperity

This auspicious direction brings in money and achievement.

Direction - East

  1. The main door of the house should face this direction.
  2. Use this direction while sleeping and working.
  3. Display the Horse of Success or the Money Toad in this direction.

Tien Yi • Direction of Health

This auspicious direction is meant for good health.

Direction - Southeast

  1. Place a water feature - a fountain or an aquarium with 1 black fish and 8 gold fishes in this direction.
  2. Hang a crystal ball.
  3. Place a Money Plant or a plant with round leaves in this direction.

Nien Yen • Direction for romantic life

This auspicious direction helps in establishing strong bonds.

Direction - North

  1. Sleep with the head pointing in this direction.
  2. Enhance the love-life by placing a pair of Mandarin Ducks or Chinese Scroll of Mandarin Ducks.

Fu Wei • Direction for Personal Growth

This auspicious direction helps in personal development and well-being.

Direction - South

  1. Spend time in this direction.
  2. Activate the fire element by hanging a photograph of the Phoenix.
  3. Place a Dragon Headed Turtle or a set of Elephants in this direction.

Inauspicious directions for Kua Number 9 and its remedies

Ho Hai • Direction which brings bad luck

This inauspicious direction brings obstacles and disappointments.

Direction - Northeast

  1. Do not face this direction while working or sleeping.
  2. Place a pair of Qi-Lin in this direction to reduce the effect of the negative energy.
  3. Display a picture of natural scenery in this direction.

Wu Gui • Direction of Five Ghosts

This inauspicious direction brings disagreements, backstabbing, deceit and misunderstanding.

Direction - West

  1. Do not work facing this direction.
  2. Place Kuan Kung or the Four Heavenly Kings in this direction to guard against unscrupulous colleagues.
  3. This area can be made into a toilet or a storeroom for protection against the negative energy.

Liu Sha • Direction of Six Killings

This inauspicious direction brings in legal hassles. It also brings bodily harm like accidents and surgeries with its negative energy.

Direction - Southwest

  1. This area can be made into a toilet or a storeroom.
  2. Place a pair of Qi Lin in this direction.

Jueh Ming • Direction causing Total Loss

This is the vilest inauspicious direction. It brings in career downfall, health issues and relationship problems.

Direction - Northwest

  1. Do not spend time in this area..
  2. Display a water feature.
  3. Hang crystals in this direction to lessen the negative energy.
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