Kua numbers help one to know about the various directions and its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing this helps one to lead a better life. Let us take a look at the various directions associated with Kua number 4.

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Auspicious directions for Kua Number 4

Sheng Chi • Direction for Prosperity

This auspicious direction enhances career prospects and brings in good luck and success.

Direction - North

  1. Face this direction while doing any activity.
  2. Hang Wind chimes (6 metal rods) in this direction to enhance the positive energy.
  3. Display any water feature in this direction.
  4. Place statues of Wealth Fish.

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Tien Yi • Direction for Health

This auspicious direction improves health conditions and promotes longevity.

Direction - South

  1. If there is any room in this area sleep there to improve health conditions.
  2. Place statues of Sau and Quan Yin that symbolize longevity.
  3. Use doors that are placed in this direction.
  4. Bright red flowers can also be placed in this direction.
  5. Evergreen plants enhance the Fire element of South.

Nien Yen • Direction for Romantic Life

This auspicious direction helps in developing good bonds, both romantic and professional.

Direction- East

  1. Place a Chinese Dragon statue or any water feature in this area.
  2. Working in this area will improve relationship with co-workers.
  3. To enhance love-life, place a pair of Mandarin Ducks.

Fu Wei • Direction for Personal Growth

This auspicious direction brings in mental clarity and personal development.

Direction - Southeast

  1. Study in this direction. Spend more time in this direction.
  2. Display a statue of Eight Immortals or Wealth Fish in this area.

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Inauspicious directions of Kua Number 4 - Avoiding bad directions

Ho Hai • Direction Bringing Bad luck

This inauspicious direction increases the obstacles in life with its negative energy.

Direction - Northwest

  1. To combat the negative energies of this direction place a pair of Fu Dogs.
  2. Never face this direction and work.
  3. Hang crystal balls in this direction.

Wu Gui • Direction of Five Ghosts

This inauspicious direction causes backstabbing and deceit with its negative energy.

Direction - Southwest

  1. Do not work or spend any time facing this direction.
  2. Place a Dragon Turtle or a Laughing Buddha in this area.

Liu Sha • Direction of Six Killings

This inauspicious direction causes trouble in relationships with its negative energy. Also attracts legal hassles.

Direction - West

  1. Place a Lions Head plaque facing this direction.
  2. Never put any earth element in this direction.
  3. Make this area the toilet to combat its negative energy.

Jueh Ming • Direction for Total Loss

It is the most dangerous inauspicious direction that causes financial instability, health problems, and set-back in career.

Direction - Northeast

  1. Do not work in this area.
  2. Place a wind chime or a statue of Kuan Kung in this area.
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