Aquarius horoscope for November with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

The sector for the career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions will get a lot of trigger during this month. There may be some new beginnings. It can come as a new job, new project or even as a new colleague. Your bosses may be very accountable. You are looking for a few new projects. This trigger will bring some changes in family and personal life as well. You may have to keep a balance between home and family. Real estate deals, family meetings and plans for relocation can come up. Your parents may have some concerns.

According to Western astrology, Jupiter will move into the sector for collective projects, group efforts, long-term associations, children and profits. Jupiter indicates expansion and magnification. These changes will bring a lot of focus on your long-term ventures. You may try to get a new long-term project. Opportunities to join the new group also can come up. Your partners from existing long-term relationships may have some concerns. Projects from scientific and technical communication-related sector also can come up. Research and development are also seen. International collaborations also can come up. Creative projects may come up. There may be some opportunities to work with children and youth groups.

Mars will enter the sector for money, self-worth, family, speech and material assets. This is showing a focus on your financial matters. You may try to have some financial adjustments. Those who work with own ventures will try to improve it. Your speech may become a little harsh and that may bring some arguments. This is also a time for expenses. So, try to save as much as you can.

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