Aquarius horoscope for July with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

Mars, the warrior of the zodiac will be in a slowdown mode for the entire month and it will impact your personal life and happiness. Whenever a planet moves in a slowdown mode, then you will have to do a retrospect. You may visit your past and analyze your actions. This may be not an easy phase, but for retrospect and analysis, this is going to be a best time. At the same time, it’s better to avoid taking new decisions. You may have to make some corrections in your personal life. Minor physical issues can also come up. You may meet people from your past and they may be only for short term.

On the tenth, Venus will move into the sector for finances and partnerships. You will have some concerns related partnerships. It can be from personal or professional domain as well. This is a time for lending and borrowing. You are looking for a few joint projects as well. This is a time to find some good solutions from these sectors. You may settle some issues regarding partnerships and finances. You may try to get a new part time project.

On the second week, a powerful solar eclipse will trigger the sector for spouse, marriage, business deals and agreements. This indicates new beginnings. You may find some changes in your relationships. You may have to try to strengthen your relationships. New business deals also can come up. This is also a sector for job, so at job, there can be some changes as well.

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