Aquarius horoscope for May with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

Mars Was In The Sector For Hidden Fears, Emotions, Psyche, Isolation, Seclusion, Long Distance Travels For The Last Few Weeks. It Will Stay In The Same Sign Until The Second Week. Until Then, You Will Be A Kind Of Aloof. You Will Try To Take A Pause In Your Personal Life. This Is A Time For A Retrospect. You Will Continue Your Spiritual Retreats. Plans For Long Distance Travels Can Come Up.

Mars Will Change Into Your Sign During The Second Week. You Will Become Very Action Oriented. This Is Not A Great Time To Move Ahead With Own Plans. Minor Physical Issues Also Can Come Up. This Is A Good Time To Start Thinking About New Ventures. New People Can Come To Your Life. You Will Try To Be Aggressive With Your Partners.

Mercury Was In The Sign Of Aries And It Was Triggering The Sector For Short Trips, Short Courses, Training, Siblings, Media, Technology, Electronics, And Writing. This Is The Sector For Multi-tasking And You Were Busy In Short Travels, Up-skilling, And Communications. This Situation Will Change From The Second Week Onwards.

Mercury Will Be Changing The Sign And It Will Start Triggering The Sector For Home, Family, And Personal Life. You Will Have Real Estate Deals. Plans For Relocation, Furnishing, And Repairing Also Can Come Up. You May Even Start Working From Home. Family Meetings And Discussions Related To Ancestral Property Are Also Seen.

From The Last Week Onwards You Will See A Lot Of Changes In Romance, Entertainment, Fun, Children, Youth Groups, Creativity, Self-promotion And Speculative Businesses. The Sun Will Be Coming Into This Sector. You Will Have New Beginnings In The Above-said Areas. It Can Be A New Creative Venture, New Hobby Or A New Romantic Relation. You Will Participate In Social Gatherings As Well.

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