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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius horoscope June, 2023

Your priorities will change as the month moves ahead, so be prepared to take on new roles and responsibilities. When the month begins, the Sun and Mercury will be in Gemini, which will bring new creative projects, but that will be the memory of May. You will have three weeks to work on those projects. In these three weeks, you will also become more aware of the fate of your speculative ventures. New team members can also come up. After that, the Sun and Mercury will move into Cancer, which will impact your workplace. There will be a lot of short projects and competitive events. This conjunction through the sixth house will bring challenges in health and the workplace.

On the fourth, the full moon will rise in Sagittarius, which will impact the eleventh house of friendships and collective projects. The full moon will bring endings and competitions, so throughout the month, your friendships and team ventures will be very important. You will have concerns regarding your team settings too. There will be corrections in the long-term projects as well. The moon indicates emotions, so you will have emotional issues through these full moon days. Please try to control your emotions, especially when dealing with your friends.

Mars and Venus will impact your relationships. No matter whether they are personal or professional, your relationships will be very sensitive. The conjunction of Mars and Venus is very productive on one side, but it has its flaws too. These opposite energies can cause some confusion regarding love. Please don't be so prejudicial; otherwise, you will misunderstand your spouse. Your love life needs clarity, so please be ready for a talk. This placement also indicates social gatherings and public functions during this month. You will be meeting new people, and singles will get some opportunities to meet like-minded people too.

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