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Aquarius horoscope March, 2021

Mars is in the 5th house, the house for creativity and children. You will have loads of energy that you will drive towards your creative side. You will want to enhance your creativity and even make some money out of it. However, you might face some difficulty in dealing with children, and they will take up a lot of energy. This is also the time for entertainment, so you might want to go out to movies or spend some quality time with your loved ones in a theatre or a music concert.

As several planets are placed in the 2nd house, your finances are brought into focus. There will be a lot of transactions this month. While you will gain money from some source, you are also likely to spend more. Your financial status is likely to improve and the wealth of your family might also increase. You can find new sources of income, or gain from a previous investment. This is a good opportunity to start a new business or launch a new product or promote a business idea. You can also purchase some valuables like precious stones or even a new vehicle.

In the last week of the month, the Sun and Venus move into the house of communications, so you can expect a lot of exchange of ideas now. You will find it easy to connect with the people around you, or you might also connect with others over the digital platform. This is also a great learning opportunity when you can take up some new courses and start sharing your ideas with others. The full moon in the 9th house will also propel learning, particularly in the spiritual sphere. You may want to take up a reading of the scriptures or go on a short trip on pilgrimage.

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