Taurus horoscope for April with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

There will be a lot of importance for your emotional self and challenges during this month. There will be a group of planets activating these matters, so you must stay away from all the scandals. This is not the right time to prove yourself. So, try to stay in a peaceful environment. Otherwise, you may ruin your happiness. This is a time for healing and meditation as well. Minor physical issues and sleep issues also can come up. It’s all because you are taking a step backward to leap forward. This is the time to store some energy because after three weeks you will see a lot of activity as your personal life will get activated. This is the time to step back and retrospect. At work there can be some challenges, so try to manage wisely.

The full moon will rise in the sector for work and colleagues. It indicates completions. So, you will have to complete some projects at work. It can be like finishing a phase of a project as well. You may even look for a new job. There can be some discussion with your colleagues. They may have some demands. Your physical health also will get highlighted.

Venus will be staying the maximum time in the sector for group settings and futuristic plans. You will be trying hard to join new groups. Projects from technical communication also can come up. You will have to be careful in choosing teams. New friends or team members can come up. Projects from international organizations are also possible during this time.

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