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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus horoscope May, 2022

The monthly horoscope indicates a lot of importance to your personal life. This month is very important for your personal life, health and relationships. There will also be opportunities to improve beauty and Health. Expect new beginnings in personal and professional life and many opportunities to get new contacts. There will be more focus on ways to make money. The Sun will bring more clarity to your life, and Mercury will make you a multitasker. Of course, this is an active phase, and you will set some new long term plans for yourself.

Venus will move into Aries, which is a major move for your emotional self. This Venusian influence will impact your physical and mental health. Physical ailments can cause this opportunity. Physical ailments can cause this opportunity. You can dream, desire to eliminate your fears, make memories about the past, plan for the future, and research plans. There may be more prayer, meditation, charitable activities, and a desire to be alone. Your workplace will also get attention during this time, and you can expect foreign collaborations too. This is a sensitive phase, so stay away from unnecessary arguments, otherwise there will be unhappiness.

During the second part of the Sun will move into the second house of money, and that will bring money concerns. Mercury is in a slow mode, which will negatively impact your analysis. There may be discussions about a financial plan, a search for a part-time job, or a discussion of a new business project. You will be able to find solutions too many problems in personal life, doubts about whether others accept your values, moves to make others accept your value, and opportunities to learn new topics. Whenever the Sun is in the second house, you will have sudden expenses, and you should be prepared for that, which will be a concern during this month.

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