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Taurus horoscope February, 2020

During this month, Venus will be moving into the most mysterious portion of your chart. This sector indicates hidden fears, emotions, psyche, isolation, seclusion, long-distance travel, and spirituality. Venus likes to be here but in a silent mode. So, you will be feeling isolated and detached. There is no point in getting frustrated as this is the time to hibernate. This is not the time for risk-taking. Please try to do a retrospect and you will make some new plans for your future. You may find people from your past. They may consume your time and energy. Charity deeds are also seen. You will be planning for long travels

During the second week, the full moon will rise in the sector for family, home, and personal life. Real estate deals, family functions, and relocation plans are also seen. Discussions related to the ancestral property. Family meetings and discussions with relatives are also seen. Relatives will visit you. You will have to be flexible with your family members. The full moon indicates completions and that means you will be completing something related to your personal life or home.

During this month, Mercury will start its slow down mode and it will be until the mid of March. This slow down move will trigger your long-term relationships and career. This move will be slightly on a negative side. So, you have to be careful with your career and professional relationships. At work, you will have to do a lot of rework and that can be risky. Don’t take any risk with your existing job. Try to keep a good environment at work. For the time being, you will have to keep silent and be humble. Otherwise, there can be challenges. Issues in teamwork can also come up.

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