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Capricorn horoscope March, 2021

Mars moving into your health sector is good news for you. This month, you will put energy into your physical wellbeing and take many steps to improve your health. If you are perfectly healthy, or even if you are suffering from some minor health issues, you will see a health improvement. This is a very energetic phase, and you can use this to start a new exercise or build on your existing exercise regime. You may take up some new physical activity as well. This is also a very good time to gain an edge over your competitors and enemies and assume a higher position.

A host of planets align together in the 3rd house, and your communication and networking skills are brought to attention this month. This is a good time to engage with many people and you will be able to connect to them effortlessly, like Mercury, the planet for communication is in the sector for communication. You can also acquire a new skill or take up a new course and you are bound to excel in this because of your improved ability to focus now.

As the Sun and Venus conjunct in the 4th house, your family life and house are highly triggered. You will spend a lot of time with your family members and there will be a lot of changes and upgrades in your house. You may redecorate something, make small changes here and there and this will improve the aesthetics of your home. You can also become a spendthrift during the last week of the month and purchase luxurious comfort items under the influence of Venus. A full moon in the 10th house, however, is indicative of some changes in your professional life. You may leave your current job and switch over to a new one as well.

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