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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn horoscope March, 2023

After a long transit in Gemini, Mars will move to Cancer during this month. This celestial activity will occur in the last week of March; until then, you must focus on your health and career. In the first three weeks, you will put energy into your physical well-being and take many steps to improve your health. Mars is a fighter and wants to win its battle, so this is a great opportunity to improve your health. This is a very energetic phase, and you can use this to start a new exercise or build on your existing exercise regime. Mars will move into Cancer in the last week, which is a negative sign for Mars, so from then onwards, you will have to be very careful with your love life; as for you, the seventh house of relationships is ruled by Cancer.

The transit of multiple planets through the third house shows that short travels will be part of your life until the third week. You are supposed to spend time with siblings and small communities. In the first two weeks of taking a new course, you are bound to excel in this because of your improved ability to focus. Teaching, writing, vlogging, and sales also will come up.

After the first two weeks, your focus will be shifted to your family matters. Every family has a different story, so if the present situation is complex, you can also find a solution for the issues. This is the time to decorate something; make small changes here and there, and this will improve the aesthetics of your home. You can also become a spendthrift during the last week of the month and purchase luxurious comfort items under the influence of Venus.

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