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Capricorn horoscope February, 2020

Venus is impacting the house of home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property. Your family and the home sector will be very much eventful. Family gatherings, serious discussions, and real estate deals are seen. You are trying to bring some freshness into your family sector. New developments within the home are seen. Renovation, decoration, and furnishing also will come up. Your relatives may come to you. You will have serious discussions with your parents or elders. At work, you may get creative projects too. Opportunities for relocation also can come up and a pleasure trip as well. At work, you may get creative projects as well.

The full moon will be showing up some issues in the partnerships. This moon indicates completions in the partnerships. So, you need to be very careful with your partnerships. You will try to get some part-time projects to improve your income. This is not a good time to spend and there can be some unexpected expenses as well. During this month, you can have endings in partnerships as well. Multiple financial dealings are also possible. You will have to settle some arguments in the business and personal life as well.

From February to March Mercury will be in a slowdown mode and that will impact your finances and well personal life. There can be some financial crisis and you should take care of that. You should not make any new financial plan during this phase. Unexpected expenses also can come up. There will be some financial deals and you should be careful with that. This is also a time to take care of your health. Chances to meet your old friends can also come up. Some corrections in the existing projects can also come up.

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