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Capricorn horoscope July, 2019

There will be a lot of crucial events taking place in your life majorly connected with relationships and finances during this month. All the planetary movements will be triggering finances and relationships during this month. You should not take these lightly as, during this month, some of the events can impact you for the long term. There are two major celestial events; they are the total solar eclipse and Mercury retrogression. The full moon will be rising during the mid of this month and that also is showing completions, which can take your life in different directions. So, always try to keep yourself in a secure place, so that you can have an easy plight and an easy month.

The solar eclipse will be bringing new developments in your relationship sector. It indicates new beginnings in the personal and professional sector. There will be a huge focus on your professional and personal relationships as well. This is the time for new relationships. However, they can be a kind of complicated as well. Your opponents are also active so, you need to identify who your well-wishers are. You will have a focus on your career as well. There are chances for additional responsibilities. This is a time to think about a new contract and work towards it. Job-related travels can also come up.

Mercury, the planet of communication and analysis will start its reverse move during this month. During the first week of this month itself, Mercury will be influencing finances, taxes, insurances, partnerships, and loans. This phase is not that great for your finances or partnerships. That doesn’t mean that you will be a loser in both matters. The universe is asking you to be cautious regarding both sectors. First of all your partnership sector has become very sensitive. It can be a partnership from the personal or professional domain. There can be perfections or completions in the partnerships. For that, you need to be very clear in your communication and analysis.

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