Capricorn horoscope for October with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

Venus, the planet for love, money and luxury will start it’s slow down during this month. This move will trigger the sector for collective projects, group efforts, long-term associations, children and profits. When Venus moves slow, then you may have some issues in the existing long-term relationships. This is a time to do a retrospect regarding existing long term projects. You may have to change certain things in long term relationships. There are chances for meeting old friends. You may feel little lazy to work hard, but this is not a time to sit idly. There can be some delay in the existing projects. Projects from scientific and technical communication are also seen.

The new moon will trigger the sector for career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions. This indicates new beginnings. They can be from career related the sector. Those who work in communication related sectors can be very busy. You may learn a new skill for the progress of your career. Bosses and colleagues may come up with new ideas. You may have to keep an eye on your family matters as well. There are chances to settle some issues in family. Family meetings and real estate deals are also seen.

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