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Scorpio horoscope March, 2021

Mars, the ruler of Scorpio moves to the 8th house this week, and this will propel research activities and financial gains. Those who are into research will find renewed energy in their task and move ahead with new vigor. They can make important discoveries this March, and this will be instrumental in their success. Those in businesses can gain from previous investments and also raise money for their new projects. If you have been planning to start a new venture, it is a good time to embark on this journey as you get a powerful start this March.

The positioning of several planets together in the 5th house indicates a spurt in creativity and this is an especially good time for the creative artists. This is a good time to work on your hobbies and explore your creative side. March will also provide you with the opportunity to start new businesses, but this is also a time to relax and enjoy what you have, to participate in different activities that give you pleasure. For some, this month will also open new avenues for love and romance, and you may even meet your better half this March.

With the Sun and Venus moving to the 6th house in the last week, you need to focus on your health. There may be minor health issues, but you will work on improving your physical self. You can start a new exercise, join a gym or start doing yoga, to help keep you fit. This is also a time to focus on what you eat and let go of any unhealthy eating habits. As the full moon also happens in the 12th house, you get the opportunity to relax and meditate to improve your mental being and prepare for good days ahead.

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