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Scorpio horoscope February, 2020

During this month Venus will trigger your 6th house of work, colleagues, and health. Your patience can be tested during this time. You will be getting creative projects and that can be complex. You have to think and work a lot to bring perfection. The 6th house is all about work and colleagues. Try to be professional at work. There will be some freshness regarding your work sector. You are looking for a new job or a new responsibility. Your health also needs a lot of attention. Digestive issues can come up. Most of the projects can be very complex and complicated.

The full moon will be triggering your career sector and social image. The full moon indicates completion or endings. So, you will have to complete some projects. The Moon indicates sensitiveness, so don’t get into arguments at work. Your managers can be having some burdens, so they can also behave harshly. You will be working for some real estate deals. Relocation and modification also can come up. Elderly female figures in the family can have some concerns. Family functions are also possible during this month.

Mercury will be slowing down and that will bring some seriousness into your romantic relations. You will try to meet your old friends and team members. However, this is not the right time to join new teams and organizations. Even if you get, some opportunities, take expert opinion before you join. There will be some changes in your ventures and this is not an ideal time to take up risky ventures. Mercury will be triggering your family matters as well. Arguments can be a part of this month, so stay away from every complex situation at home. You should give more care to your elders as they will have multiple needs.

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