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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio horoscope March, 2023

After the five-month-long stay in Gemini, Mars will move into Cancer. This transit will occur in the last week of March; until then, you have to focus on your finances, and even if Mars moves out, you should pay attention to your financial matters. You are going through a transformation, and that will bring unexpected events. Martian transit through Gemini will bring emotional encounters. You will choose to deal with the aberrations in the relationships. Let it be a business partnership or a personal connection. You must pay special attention to your tax, PF, and insurance. Once when Mars moves into Cancer, you will also have long trips and foreign collaborations.

Your creative energies will soar high in the first half of March, and the second half will witness more work. During the first half, you will explore your hobbies and creative side. You will be very conscious about your desires and creative skills, guiding you to make more money from such fields. This month will also open new avenues for love and romance for some. Parties, entertainment events, and such activities will be part of the first half of March. People will surely applaud your activities during this phase.

With the Sun and Venus moving to the 6th house last week, you must focus on your health and workplace. Whenever any planet strikes the sixth house, that will bring up health concerns. So, you should not ignore the symptoms, and it will be good if you start a new exercise, join a gym or start doing yoga to help keep you fit. It's time to take care of your physical health; only you can contribute to your work. Solar transit will show you the flaws at work; it can be your flaws and your colleagues. Unemployed Scorpios should prepare their resumes as there are chances for a new job.

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