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Monthly Libra Horoscope

Libra horoscope June, 2023

The days are passing so fast, and the time is very short for everyone. June will be a peaceful month compared to previous months, as no planets are going to be in a complex mode. Only Pluto will be retrograding to Capricorn, but this is not going to bring any change on a personal level. On the fourth, the full moon will rise in the fire sign of Sagittarius, which will impact the third house. The full moon in the third house indicates the completion of some projects. So, you have to be alert to do that; otherwise, you will be dragging the work burden into the next few months too. This is the season to work on projects in communication, media, and writing.

The transiting full moon will give you opportunities to share your views through writing, teaching, or preaching. You will try to build a good connection with your network circles, siblings, and other relatives too. Travelling and meetings are also going to be the biggest parts of June. Mars and Venus will be in Leo, and that will impact your team relations. Both planets are charismatic, which will enhance your image in team meetings. At the same time, Mars can cause arguments with your team. You will be working for foreign companies, and interaction with a larger group is expected during June.

Pluto retrograde will bring family meetings and problem-solving sessions. During the third week, the sun and mercury will be moving through Cancer, which will impact your career sector. The sun indicates the soul in astrology, and the solar transit through the tenth house of career will bring multiple projects. For the next thirty-plus days, you will have new projects and multiple discussions with your managers. There will be appraisals, and you have to work hard. The sun indicates reality; please have a realistic approach to your life.

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