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Monthly Libra Horoscope

Libra horoscope May, 2022

During May, your ruler Venus will make a crucial move to Aries, and this is a very important phase for your love life and social relationships. This move will bring more opportunities to improve your love life or marriage. This is also a good phase to find someone whom you love. The universe will bring such opportunities to meet new people and start a new relationship. New responsibilities will be coming, and you need to be prepared for that. Those who work in fashion and styling also will be busy, and they will be getting many opportunities to display their skills.

Long trips also will be a part of this transit, but Mercury will be in a retrogression mode for a major part of the month, so you will have to think twice before you do anything. Also, due to the slowdown of Mercury, you will have to be careful with your electronic devices and communication. So, you will have to have a plan B. Otherwise, you may get stuck. There will be a lot of interest in spiritual matters, which is good but please make sure, the wrong teachers do not impact you. Students and teachers will have important projects, and they have to work hard.

The Sun will be in Taurus for a major part of this month, influencing the financial matters. Please be careful with your financial matters. Otherwise, there will be a financial crunch. During this month, you will have to take care of your PF, tax and insurance-related matters. Partnership business also will be very challenging, and this is not a great time to start a new partnership. This is a very good time to learn mystical sciences, and that will help you understand your life better. Part-time projects also will be part of this month.

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