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Libra horoscope March, 2021

Mars moves to the house of spirituality, learning, and international associations this month. This is your time to connect to the world and move beyond your comfort zone, out in the broad world. You can connect to people in faraway places and even from different countries. You can go to distant lands and learn about new cultures and systems around the world. This is the time for international travel, or a trip might also happen due to spirituality and pilgrimage. You may also engage in learning, teaching, and sharing new information this month about different people and cultures.

Several planets come together in the 6th house, drawing your focus on your health and physical well-being. You are likely to become more conscious about your health and make some important changes in your lifestyle. This is a good time to start a new diet, or take up a new exercise regime, as you want to work on your health and make some improvements. It is also a good time to reach out to others and engage them in effective communication, to settle disputes. The Sun in this house will also help gain an edge over your competitors now.

In the last week of the month, the Sun and Venus move to your 7th house, and this triggers your personal and professional relationships. This is a good time for romance, and you will find love and peace with your beloved. There is a lot of understanding in your relationship, and any problems are likely to resolve now. Even your professional relationships like the one with your business partners or colleagues will now improve substantially. You will strengthen your bond, and this will help you grow in the professional sphere. You may also start on important projects with your colleagues or partners.

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