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Pisces horoscope February, 2021

Your emotional needs will be very high during this month and that can make your life a little complex. Multiple planets are activating the twelfth house of emotional needs and you should be very careful. So, there will be some hidden things coming up during this month. It can be your fears or desires. During this month you will have strange dreams, but they will be sending some signals from the universe. You need to understand the meaning as it will give you a lot of insights. This is a very good month for isolation and detachment, so you will even try to go for prayer meetings.  Mercury will be in a slow down mode until the twentieth of this month and that will make things further complex. This will surely trigger your workplace and colleagues as well. So, you will have some unhappiness arising from your workplace. Please be very diplomatic at work, otherwise, you will be arguing with your teammates. Rework in the old projects can also come up during this week. You will be planning for long trips, but there can be some kind of delays in such travels. You need to take care of your health as well.

Mars will be moving through the sign of Taurus and that will be impacting the third house of communication and siblings. During these days, you will be busy in multi-tasking and short travels, up-skilling, and communications. A lot of work with your communication skill will come up. This phase is not so easy, as there are chances for physical issues as well. New work with media also will come up. You may buy new electronic equipment. Short travels and short projects are also seen. However Mercury is in a slow down mode, so that can impact your communication.

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