Pisces horoscope for February with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

You will have a focus on your emotional hurdles during this month. The Sun and Mercury will be triggering the sector for emotions and challenges. You may like to stay alone and move in a silent mode. This move will help you to be enlightened and peaceful. Stay away from all scandals. Minor physical issues also can come up.

Venus will be entering the sector for long term relationships and collective projects. This indicates the chances to get a new long-term project. New friends may come to you. Projects from scientific and technical communication domain are also possible. You will have some ideas regarding your group settings. This is also the time to mingle more with the opposite gender. You may think about your romantic life and try to improve it.

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Mars will enter the sector for short travels, siblings, and communication. Your communication can go very blunt. There are chances for arguments. This is also time for multitasking, and they can majorly come from communication-related domains. You will try to work on projects related to media, electronics, and networking. Short travels are also possible. Your siblings and siblings like people also can have some concerns with you. If you don’t take enough rest then, physical issues are also possible.

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