Pisces horoscope for August with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

Mars and Mercury will be majorly in a slow mode during this month, so you should be very careful with your communication and energy. Minor physical issues can come up, but, that will diminish as you advance through the month. You have to be careful with your health and diet. This may be a kind of complex time, but you will survive.

During the second week, Venus will move into the sector for finances and partnerships. This can be seen as good news with some challenges. You may think about financial aid. Lending and borrowing also are seen. There will be one to one discussion with your partners. This is a time to start a new joint venture. You will be busy in bringing unity in the partnerships.

During the second week, a powerful new moon will trigger the sector for work, health, and colleagues. At work, you may get new opportunities. New projects from the communication-related domain can come up. They can be short projects as well. Team discussions also can come up. Your colleagues can have some concerns. You may try to improve your health. This is the time to plan for your liabilities.

There will be a focus on friendships, long-term relations, and partnerships. You will be busy in managing long-term projects as well. Projects from scientific and technical communication can also come up. This is the time to work for improvement in the existing relationships.

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