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Pisces horoscope February, 2020

The planet for money and comfort, Venus will move into the house for finances and career during this month. This can be a beneficial time, but there be expenses as well. You will be getting occasional gains, but you need to control your expenses. This is a good time to speak well to your family as well as friends. You will be making multiple financial deals and you need to be careful. Venus is a planet for comfort and you may feel everything is fine, but there can be hidden traps. You will try to get part-time projects to improve your finances too.

The full moon will rise in the sector for work, colleagues, and challenges. There will be some completions in the work. You have to complete some urgent projects. Arguments with colleagues can also come up, so stay away from any unprofessional matters. You will have to focus only on your work. This is also not a time to get into any new job, and if you want to join a new job, then you should take expert opinion. You can surely have emotional and physical issues, so better to stay away from all the complexities and complex matters.

Mercury, the planet for communication and logical thinking will be slowing down during this month until March. So, it’s better if you don’t take any new decisions until late march. This move will trigger your subconscious mind and collective projects. You will have to be very careful as you can think in all the negative ways. In collective projects, you will have some rework. Issues in long term relationships are also seen. You will have to be very careful with your projects as your logical mind can get affected during this Mercury slow down.

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