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Monthly Pisces Horoscope

Pisces horoscope September, 2023

Your life will be moving in a progressive manner as Venus and Mercury turn direct during this month. The transit of Venus will turn direct on the fourth, and this will be a big event that will trigger your workplace in a very positive manner. There will be new opportunities, and you may also get some appreciation if you do your work correctly. Otherwise, you may have to face some criticism, so make sure you are on the right career path. This could be a great time to initiate healthier habits, like exercise or a balanced diet. You must avoid your sugar cravings too.

On the fifteenth, the new moon will rise in your seventh house of relationships, marking significant changes for the next six months. For the next six months, your agreements, negotiations, or legal matters related to partnerships will be important. The new moon will highlight the need for balance and harmony in your relationships. Please think twice about the equity you are going to get through the partnerships. Some relationships are not required in the present scenario, so you can decide what you need. Meeting your significant other is also recommended for single Pisceans, so they should use this time wisely. However, it is not good to make commitments without knowing each other.

The solar transit will enter your natal eighth house on the twenty-third. Remember that the sun will be debilitated for the next thirty days, so your finances will be fluctuating until the sun moves into the next sign. You are already going through a financial crunch, so don’t make it worse by making any new risky moves. Sudden financial needs will arise, and you should be prepared for them. During this transit, you might find yourself reflecting on areas of your life that require change, and you may feel more inclined to release things that no longer serve you.

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