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Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Cancer horoscope May, 2022

From the last month onwards, your career and ambitions were important and will continue. During May, you will naturally you will try to improve your career. Spending more time at work with your managers and team members is also seen. This is a very important time for those who work in the creative sector. When Venus moves through the tenth house, you will naturally have some challenges at work. There will be some kind of laziness at work, and you should not ignore that. The monthly horoscope for Cancer shows new career opportunities as well. So, you can expect interviews and career-related debates.

The Sun will be impacting the team settings and long term plans for the major part of the month. There can be many new moves in friendships, and you may make new friends. When the Sun is in the eleventh house, you will have issues with your friends, and you may try to argue with them. You can also expect serious discussions with friends, evaluation of some friendships, concerns about new projects, and concerns about joining new groups. There will be enough opportunities to work with international organizations as well. Some people will get the opportunity to lead a new team as well.

The Sun will be in Gemini during the second half of the month. Mercury will be slowing down from the second week, and this transit is not an easy one, and you will have to deal with your emotions. This move will impact your physical and emotional health, so you have to care for both things. You want to be alone, which is a very good time for retrospect. You will be meeting people from the past, but don't entertain them for anything if they are negative. Please make new plans for your life and get away from all scandals. You may meet people from the past as well.

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