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Cancer horoscope March, 2021

You will have a slow start this month, as Mars moves in the 12th house and paves the way for retrospection. You are likely to feel emotionally stressed and may seek solace in meditation. This is a good time to step back from your busy schedule and focus your energy only on yourself. This period can also pique your interest in learning about the unknown, so you might take a keen interest in learning about the metaphysical. You can also engage in charitable acts and help out others in need and this will give you a certain mental peace and satisfaction.

This month will also help you expand and broaden your horizons, as a combination of planets in the 9th house make it highly active. You will get several opportunities to travel to new places and explore the culture there. You may develop connections with people from far-off lands, and you might also travel abroad because of personal or professional reasons. This is also a good month for the students who want to pursue further with their studies, as you may get new opportunities even in different countries.

When in the last week the Sun and the Venus move to your career house, you will get many opportunities to work and earn fame. But Venus will make you immensely popular, but it is not conducive to working hard, so you might feel a bit distracted, despite the many opportunities that you will find. It is important to keep yourself focussed at your workplace, and only then will you be able to achieve the desired name and fame this month. You are also likely to bring some changes to your home and go for renovation or redecoration. Some may also move to a new place this month, or even buy a new house.

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