Cancer horoscope for July with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

Mars, the warrior of the zodiac is moving through the sector for partnerships and finances. This planet is in a slowdown mode, for the entire month. So, you have to be very careful with your partnerships. They can have some concerns regarding the present situations. Please don’t act in haste. You are looking for some financial transactions as well. This is a time to find some part-time ventures. Discussions for shared projects can also come up. Partnerships from personal as well as professional domain will need a lot of improvement. You will try to settle your financial disputes from tax and insurance.

On the tenth Venus will move into the sector for short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. This is a very good time for meeting new people. You will have a lot of communications. Projects from communications related domains can come up. Your siblings may share important information with you. Projects from media and technology are also possible. Short trips and short projects are also seen. There can be minor physical issues as well.

On the second week, the solar eclipse will trigger the sector for personal life, health, and ambitions. You will have some new beginnings in your life. Solar eclipses indicate changes with challenges. You may try to move towards a different direction. These changes will be there for a long time. You may have to take care of your health as well. This will reflect in your relationships as well. This is the time to strengthen your relationships.

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