Cancer horoscope for April with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

You will be very much focused on your career sector this month. There will be a cluster of planets visiting your career sector. This move will bring some issues at work sector. There can be some new beginnings. New projects may come up, but you have to be careful with your bosses. You must not get into any arguments with your colleagues. There will be some changes at work. This is a complex time, so do not take any risk with your career. If you are a job seeker, try to start sending resumes.

The full moon will be triggering the family life and personal matters. Fullmoon will bring completions and these completions can come up regarding your family or personal life. You must have been trying for some real estate deals and you will reach on a conclusion on what you should do regarding that. Moon indicates emotions as well, so you may have to have some emotional communications with your family members. Females and elderly family members may need more care. Family meetings are also seen.

Venus is activating the plans for foreign collaborations and higher studies. You will try to get new projects from the communication sector. There are chances for foreign trips and foreign collaborations. Skill development courses are also possible. You will try to spend time with people from foreign locations. Spiritual retreats are also possible. After the third week, Venus will jump into the sector for career and from then onwards there will be more opportunities from work. Creative projects can come up.

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