The Sun and Mars are in the 12th house of hidden fears, emotions, psyche, isolation, seclusion, long distance travels spirituality and charity. This is a very crucial time for your emotional issues.

Mars will move out from this house shortly. Until then there can be more concerns regarding your happiness and peace. This is a good time to spend your time in prayer and meditation. You may get an interest towards mysticism as well. Long distance travel is also seen.

Mars will move out from this house during next week, but the Sun will be there in this house. The Sun is the ultimate form of purity and it is indicating that this is the right time to solve all your emotional issues. You must try to be close to nature and nature itself is the best healer.

You and your collective projects will get maximum highlighted this week. Mercury the planet of communication is in this house. Since Mercury is the planet of communication, you will have a lot of communication-related to the matters of the 11th house. It deals with friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains.

You may think about joining a new group. Others may invite you to be in their group. Opportunities to be with children and youth groups are also seen.

You may set a new long term goal for you with your team mates. You will contribute ideas and others will take them seriously.

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