Read Cancer weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting June 16.

Cancer horoscope for this week is very much sensitive, so you have to make careful moves. Your life is very eventful these days and your ruler Moon will be very active during this week. It will be in a full mode and that will influence your liabilities and challenges from the 17th of this week.

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During this week, your workplace will get much triggered and that should be seen in a serious note. You really have to be careful with your workplace. Since the full moon can trigger your sensitiveness, you may become defenseless. You need to be silent and meditating. You may have to complete some projects and you will work hard for that. There will be some changes in the projects.

Your coworkers will have more expectation from you and that can cause some concerns. When the full moon rises it adds sensitiveness to everything you are in. Physical health also will need more care. This is a good time for healing and therapy. Your lower abdominal area has become very sensitive, so you need to focus on your diet as well.

The Sun will also be handling a crucial role in your life. During the 21st it will rise in your sign, Cancer. This is also a challenging time for you. You must take your time to do things during this week because the planetary alignments are not that great for you. Try to stay back from the arguments and fights.

When the Sun moves into your birth sign, you may need a lot of rest and a good diet. People will notice you more than before. Issues like headache and cold are possible, but that will be part of the transit.

You are looking for new beginnings from personal and professional life. You may have to be careful with your relationships from personal as well as the professional sector as well.

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This free Cancer weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between June 16 and June 22 and its effect on natives of Cancer zodiac sign.

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