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You sculpt your identity through your career; the choices we make not only shape our professional trajectories but also define our moral and existential paths. The career will be up during this week due to the full moon in Aries, so you will naturally focus on your work. You may find yourself at the centre of attention, especially in your professional life, making it a time for both recognition and scrutiny. You may face some confrontation with your authority and managers at work. The full moon indicates completions, so you will have to complete some projects so that you can start a new one. Ultimately, the transit of the full moon through the tenth house is a time of illumination and potential transformation in one's career and public life.

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Your family matters are also gaining importance as the Sun Mars duo is moving through the fourth house. This duo is going to trigger the need for your emotional security, but both planets are not good in the fourth house, so there are chances for arguments. You want to connect with our roots and family history or engage in activities related to real estate and property matters. However, the sun is considered debilitated in the fourth house, which can sometimes lead to challenges in expressing one's individuality and ego within the domestic sphere. There may be a need to balance personal ambitions with family responsibilities during this time.

When Venus transits through the second house, it brings about significant influences related to personal values, finances, and self-worth. This transit can have both positive and challenging aspects. On the positive side, Venus can enhance one's appreciation for beauty and material pleasures. It may lead to a greater desire for luxury and comfort, motivating individuals to indulge in tasteful purchases and investments. Financial matters often take centre stage during this time, with opportunities for increased income, improved financial management, or even a boost in self-esteem and confidence regarding one's earning potential.

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This free Cancer weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between September 24 and September 30 and its effect on natives of Cancer zodiac sign.

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