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Leo itself is a sign of happiness, creativity, and entertainment. When the Moon moves through your fifth house of arts, entertainment, and children, you will look for more of these things. Since the lunar eclipse indicates endings, you will try to end some of the creative projects which you were doing until now. You were working on some projects for the last few weeks and you will be completing them. The endings and completions are the signatures of the lunar eclipse. There will be some concerns regarding your children and young groups. Breakups are also very common during the lunar eclipse day, but you were expecting it for so long.

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Existing love relations has to go through a rough patch, so don’t make your partner feel isolated. If you want to make a decision, take it with mutual consent. However, happy relationships will continue despite some emotional confrontations. Amidst the outside chaos, you will try to enjoy your life. There will be some programs for children as well. You will be meeting with your old teammates, but if you are planning for a new project, then you have to wait for some more time.

There will be some corrections in the long term projects. Due to the Venus retrogression, your friendships can go through some ups and downs. You may not feel so good to be with your teams. Teamwork can get often interrupted.

Annual solar transit through the twelfth house of fears and worries will make you be a little isolated. If you feel like moving away from the dramas of life, then you should not hesitate to do that. The universe is asking you to take a break so that you can leap forward shortly.

For the time being there is nothing wrong with taking a step back so that you can make some good plans for your future.

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