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You are going to be with your friend circles and siblings more, but please try not to take the criticism negatively. Being Leo, you have the superior attitude, but that will not help you this time as your ruler Sun is in debilitation. It is also carrying the burden of Mars and Mercury, so you need to prepare well for any meetings you have. Your third house of communication is activated, so you will surely go to networking events, and there will be a lot of communication. In addition to that, you will have projects in writing, teaching, and counseling. Please be relevant; I am just trying to be there.

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The sibling bond can go through some fluctuations. Short travel and vacation trips will be coming up, but make sure you obey the traffic rules. This is a good week to learn so that you can acquire some knowledge, but the third house indicates short courses, which will be prominent this time. Be relentless towards the right things, but do not hesitate to leave the bad vibes as early as possible. The neck-to-shoulder area is active, so if you have any physical issues, there will be a connection to these organs.

Even though the third house is a bit complex, your personal life is going through some transformation, but Venus is supporting you. Be the best salesman and sell your talents for good products, so spend time on worthy things. It will be good to self-censor; by doing this, you will get ample opportunities to produce the best results. New people will come to you, and through them you will get new opportunities. You are getting some more days to refine your health, wealth, and beauty. During this week, you will have so many plans, but it may be a bit difficult to articulate them, so it will be good to get an expert opinion.

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