Read Leo weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting June 16.

Your creative sector will get triggered during this week when the full moon rises on 17th. This is the time to complete some of your creative projects. During the full moon phase, all of us will become highly emotional and Leos will become emotional regarding their children or relationship.

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Those who are already in a relationship may find that needs some improvement and will try to bring some perfection in their relationships. They want their relationship to go through some changes. This week will give good things as well as challenges for Leos.

Singles will find some opportunities to meet likeminded people. You will try to attend a social gathering for official or entertainment purposes.

This is also a time to study a new skill. Politicians, artists, and child counselors also will be getting a new project or add on projects.

Teamwork is also important for Leos during this week. You may have to focus on having a cordial relationship with your teammates. This is also a time to complete a team venture.

You may be surprised to see how you have thrust to be in the social front, yet, the universe is holding you back for some reason. That will be felt more strongly when the Sun gets into the sign of Cancer during the 21st. This is, of course, a time to restructure your life. The Sun is showing you the emotional hurdles and that is making you withdraw from the social front.

This is the time to take some rest and physical issues can be a part of this transit. Healing and yoga may be ideal during this time. Some plans regarding foreign trips and settlement also will be a part for Leos during this week.

The Sun will be in this sector for the next thirty days, so, you have enough time to overcome your challenges.

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