Read Sagittarius weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting April 11.

During this week, Venus will move into the sixth house of work and colleagues and Venus doesn't like to be here. So there are chances for new projects from the creative sector. Most of these projects can be short but very detailed. You will be working with your teams and they will need your support too. However, your workload can bring some health issues. There will be a work-related burden and you should have specific plans for your work. New projects and job opportunities can come up, but you should not take any risk with your current job. Please try to focus on the perfection of your job.

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The annual solar transit is moving through the sector for children and creativity. This is a very good opportunity to get a new creative project. This is a good time to present your skills and get profits from them. You may look for a new hobby. Social gatherings and networking events also can come up. You will try to work in a team venture as well. This is a time to join a new team. Those who work in the arts and entertainment industry will have new goals. You will be busy meeting new people via networking.

Martian transit is impacting the seventh house of relationships and that can bring some hurdles in the partnerships. Whenever Mars moves through the relationship sector, then there will be issues in the relationship. Please try to be patient with your teammates as well as partners. So, when you choose people, be careful and don’t share any private information with anyone. There will be some opportunities for new business deals as well. This is not the time to start any new commitments and you should be very sure about the terms and conditions of any relationships.

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This free Sagittarius weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between April 11 and April 17 and its effect on natives of Sagittarius zodiac sign.

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