Read the Sagittarius weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting July 15. Detailed forecast and prediction for people born under Sagittarius zodiac sign.

The week ahead for Sagittarius

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, magnification and happiness was in a complex mode and it has turned into a positive stage last week. This move was triggering your emotional issues and there an emotional hiccup now also. You will try to solve such issues and hope for the best. At the same time, this is not an easy phase, which you are going through. Please try to stay away from all controversies. Don’t allow any negative people to come near you. You should spend wisely as well. This is a good time to be alone and make a practical plan for your personal life. You don’t have to entertain any negative energy.

Minor health issues also can be a part of this transit. Jupiter will be moving out of this sector during the last days of October, until then, you have to manage. You should have a plan for your expenses and savings. This is a good time to learn about spirituality. You may learn or go for healing practices. Long trips also can come up.

Mars, the planet of courage and vigor is moving through the sector for short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. This planet is moving in a slow mode, so you have to go an extra mile in your projects related to communications. Rework also is expected. You will have serious conversations with your siblings and siblings like people. The communication-related sector is active, that too in a regressive mode, so you have to be careful. This is a good time for studies as well.

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This free Sagittarius weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between July 15 and July 21 and its effect on natives of Sagittarius zodiac.

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