The June 4th week Scorpio weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jaya Shree gives you detailed forecast and prediction for the week.

Your Week Ahead

The Sun will move into the sector for foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. Mercury is also in this sector. This is a time for long travels and career related trainings. You will have a lot of communication regarding higher studies. This is a time to learn spiritual subjects too. You will plan for long distance travels, or pilgrimages. There will be projects with foreign collaborations. You will try to learn spiritual subjects. Discussions regarding philosophical subjects are also seen. You may even teach what you learned.

Mars is moving through the sector for family, home and personal life. This can be a complex transit for your family matters. Moreover Mars will start its slow down mode during the next week. Until then, you will have a progressive mode at home. Various real estate deals and plans for relocation are also seen. Your relatives may come for a visit. This is also a time for problem solving at home. You will discuss serious matters with your family members. After when Mars starts its slow down mode, you have to be careful with all the family matters.

Venus will be moving through the sector for career and bosses. This planet will trigger the career sector and you may get creative projects. Those who work in arts and entertainment sector will be very active. There will be some freshness at work. You may get a new boss or a new colleague. There will be new responsibilities. This is a time to get recognized through your work. So, you should use this opportunity very wisely.

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