Read Scorpio weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting June 16.

Money isn’t everything, but Set thy expense according to thy trade, because the full moon will be rising in the sector for money during this week.

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Scorpios will read more about money in their weekly horoscope. On 17th, when the moon starts influencing the sector for money, there will be expenditures as well. Since the full moon will influence you to complete a few projects as well. You may expect a few financial deals.

Lending and borrowing also can come up. There are chances for settling a few debts as well. It may be difficult for you to keep a balance between earnings and expenses. You will try to spend on expensive objects and that may add more burden later. Moon indicates volatility, so, there will be some changes in the finances.

At times, during this week, you may react in an emotional manner, because the Moon will also trigger your ego. Don't be surprised if you have any arguments with your colleagues or family members.

You will be having some concerns regarding yourself. Increase your confidence by gaining more knowledge. More than others, your thoughts and feelings may be misguiding you. When the Sun moves into the watery sign of Cancer during this week, you will be thinking about foreign travels. Cancer rules the sector for foreign travels in your chart. You have to make very practical plans, because, the Sun is with Mars and Mercury as well. When there are three or more planets in any sector, then there will be challenges.

The Sun and Mars are fire planets, so there will be a lot of aggression regarding foreign travels. Unexpected travel plans may come up. You may get projects from foreign countries as well and interaction with foreigners or people from a different culture is also seen.

Spirituality and philosophy will attract you. Teaching, studies, and work from media related sector also are seen.

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