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The time, tide, and transits wait for none; hence, grab all the opportunity at the earliest. Especially the full moon during this week will rise in the twelfth house of emotions, so the universe may make you feel that you are at the crossroads. Yes, you may be a bit confused, but you have ample time to plan for the upcoming days. Especially when the moon is touching the twelfth house of the subconscious mind, you want peace and happiness. This is the right time to go for a healing session; shed out all that was emotionally burdening you so that you can be unapologetic about anything in the past.

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The Sun Mars duo is very upset in Libra, as it is the debilitating sign for the Sun, so you need to be vigilant at your work. The red flags will be mutual between you and your colleagues. So, limit your conversations and focus on productivity at work so that you can justify yourselves. Please don’t overestimate or underestimate your colleagues, so keep a balance with them. Kindly do not fall for the sudden job offers, as they may not work in your favor. Please try to take care of your health as well as your diet, as the planetary energies are acting right on top of your stomach area.

Venus Transit will be an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable living environment, making you keen on beautifying your home and surroundings. A deep connection with family members will be present during this period, fostering love and harmony within your domestic sphere. Family gatherings or family events will come up, as Venus promotes social interactions in the comfort of your own space. Emotionally, you may feel more sensitive and nurturing, seeking to express your affection and care for loved ones. There will be real estate deals, gardening, clutter clearing, and spiritual activities.

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Taurus monthly horoscope - September, 2023

This free Taurus weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between September 24 and September 30 and its effect on natives of Taurus zodiac sign.

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