Read Aries weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting May 31.

The week will start with a penumbral lunar eclipse and that is going to be in the fire sign of Sagittarius. This move will be pushing you to have a lot of conversations with people from foreign lands. You will be naturally optimistic about every situation of your life, but you should not forget to be practical. This is the time to be more spiritual and expand your consciousness. This is all the time of perfections and endings, so you will try to complete some projects from writing and publishing-related domain. Some projects from foreign lands are also seen during this week.

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There are certain issues in the family and family members are united to solve the issue. Repairing and modification will be a part of this week and the coming days as well. You feel like being chained at home with a lot of family responsibilities. This is a time to make some new plans for home as well as work. You will bring work to your home, but you don’t have to expect a peaceful plight. There will be a lot of disturbances. You have to take care of your family members and their health. During this week you may even feel the need of keeping your home spick and span.

Obstacles and challenges will be the part of this week as Venus are in retrogression. Whenever this planet is in retrogression, you will feel like spending money and all those things which you bought will not give you any happiness. So, you have to control your expenses. Short travels will be part of this week. Venus is going to show the needs of your siblings and relatives. Their life will be very eventful and you will have concerns regarding them.

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This free Aries weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between May 31 and June 6 and its effect on natives of Aries zodiac sign.

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