Read Pisces weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting June 13.

The annual solar transit is impacting the fourth house of home and family. Mercury is also here and that will make you very much into the family matters. You will be meeting the family members and there will be serious discussions about the family events. You will have communications regarding family matters. Plans for traveling and relocation also can come. You may travel from your home. Real estate deals and opportunities to work from home can also come up. At work, you will have projects and you will be looking at some new offers from the communication domain as well.

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Martian transit will impact the fiery sign and that is surely going to trigger your workplace and colleagues. Mars is the indicator of the sixth house of work and colleagues, so you will have some challenges regarding your workplace. There will be a lot of competitive projects and that will not be easy for you. Please try to adjust with your colleagues. Those who work in sports, administration, and peace will have a lot of activities too. Your communications can be very much direct and that should not create any issues with your colleagues or relatives. The lower abdomen will be very sensitive and if you are not careful with your diet, there will digestive issues.

The Venusian transit will impact your creative energies and you will spend time working on these projects. This is a good time for creative ventures as well. You will try to improve your love life. However, this is not the time to get into any serious relationships, so stay away from getting committed. Teamwork and social gatherings are also seen. This is a very important time for those who work with their ventures and children.

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This free Pisces weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between June 13 and June 19 and its effect on natives of Pisces zodiac sign.

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