Read the Capricorn weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting February 17. Detailed forecast and prediction for people born under Capricorn zodiac sign.

The week ahead for Capricorn

The Sun will enter the sector for short travels, communications, and siblings. This is a very intense time for your own ventures as well. You will have serious communications with your siblings or siblings like people. There will be a lot of work from communication-related sectors as well. Opportunities from writing, editing, and media related sectors can come up. Those who work as teachers and counselors also will have new opportunities. You will be active with your siblings. There will be a lot of short travels and studies as well. This is a time for physical issues as well. There will be a lot of work and you have to take enough rest.

The full moon will rise above the sector for long travels, publishing, and spirituality. The full moon indicates completions, so, you may complete some urgent projects. Most of the projects can be from communication and media related sectors. Projects with foreign collaborations also can come up. You may try to learn spiritual subjects. Spiritual retreats are also seen. You will be interested in higher studies as well. There will be some kind of career development programs as well. Projects with foreign collaborations also can come up.

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This free Capricorn weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between February 17 and February 23 and its effect on natives of Capricorn zodiac.

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