Read Capricorn weekly horoscope by Astrologer Jayashree for the week starting June 16.

Most of the days of this week, Capricornian will find themselves being withdrawn and living a very solitary life. On the 17th the full moon will rise in the hidden portion of your chart and it is not a comfortable zone for the Moon.

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So, you need to be very careful as you are going through a very sensitive phase. This is the best time to be spiritual and learn something regarding spirituality. During this week, the subconscious mind will be highly active and that indicates the need for dealing with it. Yoga, meditation and other therapies will be able to help you to go through these days.

You should not ignore your emotional needs, share them with those who can understand you and take their inputs. Try the level best to release those stress in a divine way. When the full moon impacts the emotional self, you need good sleep, good rest and natural diet.

The full moon will aspect your workplace and that will bring some endings. It can be a project as well.

However, you have to be very careful with your colleagues. Stay away from workplace politics as well.

During this week, the Sun will enter your relationship sector. This is not a great placement for the Sun, so naturally, there can be some challenges from relationships despite personal or professional. There will be more focus on your marriage and relationship.

You must try to reduce your ego and you need to be little sacrificial. Otherwise, there can be issues in relationships. You must take care of your image during this time, because, the Sun, which indicates your ego is in the bottom portion of your chart.

The Sun always like to be at the forefront, so you must foresee some issues. Stay away from all the controversies and scandals. Mars and Mercury are also in this sign, so, you have to be very careful with your communication. New deals and contracts also can come up.

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This free Capricorn weekly horoscope explains the planetary transits between June 16 and June 22 and its effect on natives of Capricorn zodiac sign.

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