The 6th house of work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities and pets will get more prominence by the new moon. Mars is also there is in this house. You may have to give physical energy to perform your work. It may need a lot of patience and planning as well. You will try to get a new work or a new project in the existing work. You may have health related concerns as well. Your colleagues will have a word with you. They may have more expectations from you.

Venus is in the 4th house of home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property. This is giving you much focus in the family and home sector. You will have so many important duties connected to the home. You will try to spend more time with the family. There can be real estate deals and family meetings. You will get opportunities to meet with your relatives too.

The 5th house of romance, creativity, self- expression, speculative businesses, networking, self-promotion and youth groups is alive due to the presence of Mercury. Mercury, of course, mean communications, you may think about your romantic inclinations and what you expect from a romantic relationship. You may try to work with your creative talents. This is a good time to work in groups and go for entertainment programs. You will get many opportunities to promote yourself.

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