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Gemini horoscope March, 2021

The month of March will prove to be a good one for you, as you will see growth in your career and your personality as well. Mars is in your 1st house, and this brings a lot of energy with itself. You will improve your physical self, and make good changes towards your lifestyle. You will find it very easy to accomplish any task as you have a lot of energy now and can make great strides easily. It is thus advisable to start any task that you found difficult previously, as this is a good time to complete and accomplish it.

In March, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury will bring you great opportunities in your professional life. This is the best position for the Sun, and as such, this period marks the highest point in your career in quite some time. You will engage with new people and make important contributions at your workplace. This is the time to earn all the name, fame, and recognition with your hard work and dedication. If you are looking for a job or want a change in employment, this time will prove very fruitful.

When the Sun and Venus move to the 11th house in the last week, you will see an expansion in your social circle and this is the time for fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations. The projects you have been working on will bear fruit and you will find it easy to do whatever you wanted to. You can meet new people, and this period is very good for networking and related activities. You can also make new friends and strengthen your bond with your existing friends. As the month comes to a close, the full moon on 28th will enhance your creativity and help your growth further.

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