Gemini horoscope for April with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

There will be a lot of focus on your career sector because a group of planets will be triggering it. This activation can make things complex at work. Projects from communication and media can come up. New beginnings at work are also possible. You will have multiple projects at work and that may make your little stressed out. At home also there will be some events and your family members need your attention. Your bosses will be analyzing your work, so try to be blameless. New responsibilities may come up. You will have to be very watchful of the opportunities because you may be like a scattered person.

The full moon will activate your family and personal life. It indicates completions, so, there can be some completions regarding family or personal life. There are chances to get some real estate deals. You will see that your house needs some repairing or renovation. There will be some discussions regarding family property as well. Family meetings are also seen.

Venus will impact the sector for career and bosses. This indicates some changes at work. New projects can come up from the creative sector. There will be some appraisals at work. Your bosses will be asking you to take up more responsibilities. After the third week, Venus will enter the sector for group settings and long-term projects. This will give you to be with new team members and you may plan for some more long term projects.

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