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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini horoscope May, 2022

The charmer of the zodiac, Venus, will make a smart move into Aries during May, impacting your long-term ventures. You can expect opportunities to join new groups during May. There will be obvious changes in existing long-term relationships, and you will be having some calculations about new long-term relationships. Team discussions, discussions for starting new projects for your benefit, activity for children and youth groups, and skepticism from team discussions also will be part of this month. This is a good time to work with international companies as well. May is a month meant for foreign collaborations, and you should search for that.

The transit of the Sun will be impacting Taurus, and that will impact your emotional needs. You will be meeting people from the past, and they will be there for a short term. Whenever the Sun moves through Taurus, Geminis worldwide will be restless, but they will not be sure about the reason. This is a yearly phenomenon, and the universe gives you some time to refresh yourself. This is a good time to spend in prayer, meditation and healing. Minor physical issues also will be part of this phase.

The Sun will move into your personal space and That will bring new events into your life. Mercury will slow down from the second week of May, which may bring old friends or acquaintances back to your life. This will be a difficult time to make new plans for your life. There will be different expectations about life, but please be careful when making new plans. New individuals will make efforts to reach out to life, and they will have new plans. Expect new beginnings in social life and personal life, but you have to put in a lot more effort to be happy from these beginnings. There will be efforts to improve Health.

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