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Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini horoscope March, 2023

Mars has been in Gemini since last October and will continue its transit through your sign until the third week of March, and after that, it will plunge into the water sign of Cancer. Until then, you will improve your physical self and make suitable changes to your lifestyle. You will find it easy to accomplish any task as you have a lot of energy now and can easily create great strides. It is thus advisable to start any job that you found difficult previously, as this is an excellent time to complete and accomplish it. After the third week, there will be an energy shift, and you must take care of your diet and finances.

Until the second week, your career will be one of the main focus will be your career as the mega transit of multiple planets are in Pisces. The conjunction of various planets will generate that eagerness to take up more responsibilities. You will engage with new people and make significant contributions at your workplace. The dedication you put in will give you good returns. If you are looking for a job or want a change in employment, this time will prove very fruitful.

When the Sun and Venus move to the 11th house in the last week, your social circle will expand, and this is the time to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. March will make you plan for commercially viable projects. Contentment is essential; you will get that from your team settings and friends. You can also make new friends and strengthen your bond with your existing friends. Better you do not make any excuses when you get good projects. Others may feel the mojo and try to get in touch with you. Being a Gemini, you are always a crowd puller, and the last two weeks of March will further drag crowds to you.

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