Gemini horoscope for April with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

Until 16th, Mercury will be in a slowdown mode in the sector for collective projects, group efforts, long-term associations, children, and profits. You will think about restructuring your creative projects. There will be a lot of concerns related to the progress of these projects. Minor hindrances are seen, but after when Mercury starts moving in a direct mode, you will find more happiness in your life. Mercury will start its direct mode on 16th of April. Until then give more time and energy in managing your existing projects. Please don’t take any final decisions in long-term relationships. Please take care of your communication in team discussions. You may try to join new groups. There are chances for meeting old friends too.

Mars will be moving through the sector for partnerships, and finances. This planet will be there in this house for the entire month. You will have a lot of focus on your finances. There can be sudden changes regarding your financial sector. You may think about taking a financial aid or someone may offer you a financial aid as well. This is not a great time to argue with your partners. When Mars moves through this sector, you may become very aggressive with your partners. You should avoid that urge to be prejudicial.

The Sun will move into the sector for emotional struggles and spirituality. You will be dealing with your emotional issues. This phase where you get a focus on your sleeping pattern. You will get a lot of dreams which will be highly intuitive. This is a time to stand alone and work on your personal development.

Venus will come into the sector for personal life and personality during the last week of the month, then you will see a lot of important in your personal life. From the last week onwards, you will feel like bringing a lot of improvements in your personal life. New people can come to you, you may get new assignments, or you may have new beginnings as well.

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