Gemini horoscope for November with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

You are getting into a very active month. The sector for work, colleagues, liabilities, and health is already triggered and this month will add more spice to these matters. New events at work may come up. It can happen as a new colleague, a new project or a new workplace. You may have serious discussions regarding existing as well future projects. Your colleagues may have new ideas. You may try to improve your health.

According to western astrology Jupiter will move into the sector for spouse, marriage and legal relations. This should be a good move for you because there are chances to form new relationships. Jupiter indicates expansion and magnification, so you may witness a lot of expansion in the matters of career, and legal agreements. For the next one year, you may try to get new relationships from the personal and professional domain.

After the second week, Mars will move into the sector for career and bosses. This is a good time to get some projects where you work in the background. You may need a lot of changes at work and this is a time to work towards it. Your bosses may have a new idea. At the same time, you may have to control your aggressive nature as well. You may even try to start own venture using own skills.

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