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Gemini horoscope February, 2020

During this month Venus will be showering many opportunities from your long term relationships and group settings. Opportunities for new long-term projects also can come up. You will be very cautious about your profits and gains. New friends may also come to you. There will be visible changes in long-term relations as well. This is a month to be in groups and attend social gatherings. There will be some projects for children and youngsters. There will be some projects from international groups as well. You will be looking for projects from the technical communication sector. Occasional financial gains can also come up.

The full moon will bring some completions in the projects from communication and media-related domain. The full moon indicates completions and you will have to complete a lot of work. You will see a lot of areas to multi-task. New opportunities related to your communication skills. It can be an opportunity for writing, sales, media, and electronics-related job. There will be a creative element with these activities. This will be a very crucial opportunity for those who work with their communication skills. You will meet with your siblings as well. Short travels, short projects, and training sessions also will come up.

During this month, Mercury will be in its slow down mode, and that will trigger your career sector as well as foreign collaborations. At work, you will have to do a lot of rework. There will be multiple projects from the media-related domain. However, there can be some arguments at work also. During this month, if you get any job offers you need to think twice about it. If you are making any travel plans, please try to make clear plans about that. Some kind of challenges is possible regarding these trips. Students also have to be very careful. There can be some issues with your travel plans as well.

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