Kerala is known for its spicy and hot food. Kerala recipes for cooking, here we have a large collection of easy to make Kerala breakfast recipes, Kerala chicken curry recipes, Kerala sea food recipes , Kerala fish curries recipe, south Indian recipes, Kerala recipes for special occasions and much more...Try out these Kerala recipes and prepare Kerala dishes.Happy Cooking!

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1 Cantonese stir-fry chicken 29/04/16
2 chicken dry fry 08/02/16
3 Malabr fish curry 14/06/15
4 beetroot pachadi 27/05/15
5 Chettinad Pasta 04/05/15
6 Stuffed Puri 30/12/14
7 Payasam 29/04/14
8 Ladies Finger Egg Fry 24/03/14
9 Yammee Rasam 17/02/14
10 Aval Upma 14/02/14