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Name Religion Meaning
Baani Hindu Goddess saraswati
Baano Muslim A princess
Baasima Muslim Smiling
Babbi Hindu Babi
Babby Hindu Brightness
Babeena Muslim Fun loving
Babi Hindu One who uses wisdom
Babita Hindu The unknown or strange person
Babitarani Hindu Young girl
Babitha Hindu  
Babitha Christian  
Babithra Hindu Pure young female child
Babli Hindu  
Badi'a Muslim Unprecedented, admirable, unique
Badia Muslim An elegant lady ; one who is unique
Badra Muslim Full moon
Badriya Muslim Resembling full moon
Badriyyah Muslim Resembling the full moon
Bageshri Hindu Name of a indian music raaga.
Baghyalakshmi Hindu Woman of wealth
Baheela Muslim One who is very beautiful
Baheera Muslim Dazzling, brilliant
Bahira Muslim Dazzling, brilliant
Bahiya Muslim Beautiful, radiant
Bahiyaa Muslim Beautiful; radiant
Bahnnisikha Hindu One who lashes fire
Bahugandha Hindu One with lot of scent, bud of champa flower
Bahula Hindu A Star
Bahwani Hindu Another name for Goddess Durga
Baidehi Hindu An alternative name for Sita
Baila Jewish A form of Bayla meaning "White; Beauiful"
Bailee Christian A form of bailey
Baileigh Christian A form of bailey
Bailey Christian Bailiff
Baili Christian A form of bailey
Bailie Christian A form of bailey
Bailley Christian From the courtyard within castle walls ; a public official
Baillie Christian A form of bailey
Baily Christian A form of bailey
Bairavi Hindu Lady who is brave
Baisakhi Hindu Will gain a lot of goodness
Baishakh Hindu Lucky person
Baishakhi Hindu  
Baishakhi Christian  
Baishakhi Muslim  
Bakula Hindu Nagakeshar flower
Bala Hindu Young girl, ear- ring
Baladarshini Hindu Beautiful, blessed girl
Baleigh Christian A form of bailey
Balqis Muslim Name of the queen of sheba
Bambi Christian Little girl
Banan Muslim Delicate, finger tips
Bandana Hindu  
Bandana Muslim  
Bandhura Hindu Pretty
Bani Hindu Goddess saraswati
Banita Hindu  
Banmala Hindu A garland of 5 types of flowers
Bano Muslim  
Bansari Hindu One who is musical
Banu Hindu  
Banu Christian  
Banumathi Hindu  
Banupriya Hindu  
Bara Christian To choose
Baraa'a Muslim Excelling
Baraka Muslim White one
Barbara Jewish Foreigner; Stranger
Barbaraa Christian A traveler from a foreign land ; a stranger
Bari'ah Muslim Excelling
Barika Muslim Bloom, be successful
Barkha Hindu Rain
Barnali Hindu  
Barsha Hindu Rain
Basanti Hindu The spring season , yellow colored
Baseema Muslim Smiling
Basel Jewish Daughter of God
Basha Christian Polish daughter of god, stranger
Basha Jewish Variation of Batya meaning "daughter of God"
Bashe Jewish Daughter of God
Basheera Muslim Bringer of good tidings, joy
Bashira Muslim Joyful
Bashirah Muslim Bringer of good tidings, joy
Basimah Muslim Smiling
Basma Muslim A smile
Basmah Muslim A smile
Basmat Jewish Fragrance
Bassie Jewish Daughter of God
Basye Jewish Daughter of God
Bat Jewish Short form of Beth (Elizabeth) meaning "daughter; girl"
Batel Jewish Variation of Batyameaning "daughter of God"
Batka Jewish Daughter of God
Batool Muslim Ascetic virgin
Batsheva Jewish Form of Bathsheba meaning "daughter of the oath"
Batul Muslim Ascetic virgin
Batula Muslim Virgin
Batya Jewish Daughter of God
Bavani Hindu  
Bavya Hindu  
Bayla Jewish Beautiful
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