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Name Religion Meaning
Zaaba Muslim A precious gem
Zaafira Muslim Victorious,successful
Zaafirah Muslim One who is victorious or successful
Zaahira Muslim Zaahira means a beautiful flower
Zaahirah Muslim An outstanding helper
Zaara Christian Flower
Zabeth Christian One who is pledged to God.
Zabya Muslim Zabya means a beautiful gazelle
Zacharee Christian God is remembered
Zada Muslim The lucky one
Zaeemah Muslim An extraordinary leader
Zafeera Muslim One who is a source of success; Triumphant
Zafeerah Muslim One who is firm
Zafirah Muslim Victorious,successful
Zagorka Christian One who lives in the mountains
Zahaa Muslim Zahaa is  the name of a girl meaning morning
Zahaan Muslim One who has great insight and perceptive
Zahab Muslim One who is precious and gifted
Zahabia Muslim One who is precious as  gold
Zahabiya Muslim A precious gem
Zahar Christian Morning light
Zahara Muslim Shining ; flower
Zaharina Christian The name is the Bulgarian feminine form of Zechariah, meaning the Lord has remembered.
Zaharinka Christian A variant of Zaharina, meaning God remembers.
Zaharra Christian White-skinned / flowerlike
Zahava Jewish Gold
Zahavah Christian Golden
Zahbia Muslim Beautiful
Zaheeda Muslim One who is pretty 
Zaheen Muslim Insightful and quick-witted lady
Zaheera Muslim A flowering plant
Zaheerah Muslim A glowing star
Zahira Muslim Shining,luminous
Zahirah Muslim Shining,luminous
Zahiya Muslim A brilliant woman ; radiant
Zahiyah Muslim A brilliant woman ; radiant
Zahra Muslim The Arabic origin name means 'flower'.
Zahraa Muslim White
Zahrah Muslim Flower, beauty, star
Zahyaa Muslim One who is pure in heart and shines brightly
Zaib Muslim A graceful and beautiful woman. 
Zaida Muslim  
Zaima Muslim One who leads; a woman with leadership qualities
Zaina Christian A form of zanna
Zaina Muslim The name of Arabic origin means 'beauty''excellence''adornment'.
Zainab Muslim Daughter of the prophet
Zaira Muslim Blossom
Zaitra Hindu A precious gift 
Zaitun Muslim One who is like olive
Zaituna Muslim One who is like the olive tree or fruit
Zakia Christian Bright, pure
Zakiya Muslim One who is pure and God fearing
Zakiyaa Muslim Pure
Zakiyyah Muslim Pure
Zaklina Christian A version of Jakov, meaning God will add.
Zaleekhah Muslim A variant of Zulaikha, meaning brilliant beauty.
Zalfa Muslim  
Zambda Christian Meditation
Zameelah Muslim One who is graceful and attractive
Zameena Muslim An intellectual person
Zana Christian A form of zanna
Zanaa Christian White lily
Zandra Christian Defending men
Zaneerah Muslim One who is an intelligent and wise woman.
Zanele Christian One who is affluent
Zaneta Christian God's gracious gift
Zanna Christian A short form of susanna
Zansi Hindu A courageous and daredevil lady
Zantina Christian One who is a great devotee
Zantra Hindu To rise to the highest point
Zar Mina Muslim A precious gem like a diamond
Zara Christian Dawn, princess
Zara Muslim The baby name in Hebrew means 'princess'. The name in Arabic origin also means 'high exalted''pinnacle'
Zarah Muslim Blossom
Zarbaha Muslim One who is precious and shines brightly
Zareefa Muslim One who is elegant and intelligent
Zareen Muslim A beautiful smile
Zareenah Muslim A companion of Prophet (S.A.W) 
Zargul Muslim One who is bright-faced like an angel
Zaria Christian  
Zarifa Muslim One who is successful ; moves with grace
Zarine Muslim One who is bright as gold; a shining light
Zarka Muslim One who is elegant
Zarma Muslim A captivating beauty
Zarna Hindu A variation of the name Jharna. It means flow of water
Zarnab Muslim One who is as precious as gold
Zarni Buddhism One who is blessed with beauty
Zarra Christian Dawn , princess
Zarrah Christian The day's awakening
Zarria Christian Blossom
Zartasha Muslim One who is made up of golden stars.
Zauna Muslim To be alive
Zavrina Christian A form of sabrina
Zayana Muslim One who beautifies and adorns something
Zayba Muslim Decorated with Ornaments; A captivating beauty
Zaybah Muslim Highly irresistible beauty
Zayda Muslim Lucky
Zaylee Christian A heavenly woman
Zayley Christian Dry
Zaylie Christian Dry
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