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Name Religion Meaning
Udaya Hindu Dawn
Udele Christian Prosperous
Udita Hindu One who has risen
Uditi Hindu The ancient Sanskrit word Uditi means 'the rising sun'.
Udumelue Christian One who is crowned with honor and pride
Udyati Hindu One who is highly exalted
Ujawala Hindu A bright faced angel
Ujhala Hindu A bright light; One who brings illuminates life
Ujjanini Hindu An ancient city
Ujjwala Hindu Bright, lustrous
Ujjwala/ujvala Hindu One who is like an angel; Bright faced
Ujwala Hindu Bright
Ukti Hindu The name is of Sanskrit origin means 'speech, saying or sentence'.
Ulka Hindu Mateorite
Ullasitha Hindu One who is joyful
Ulupi Hindu Name of arjun's wife
Ulyssa Christian Walker
Ulyssia Christian Walker
Uma Christian Nation, mother, horse
Umadevi Hindu  
Umaira Muslim  
Umamaheswari Hindu  
Umarani Hindu  
Umayma Muslim Little mother
Umika Hindu Goddess parvati
Umm-e-abeeha Muslim  
Umm-ul-banin Muslim Mother of sons
Una Christian One
Unique Christian Unique
Unity Christian Unity.
Unnathi Hindu Progress, high point, success
Unnati Hindu Progress
Upada Hindu A gift
Upadhriti Hindu A Ray; Derived from Sanskrit language meaning 'ray of light'
Upala Hindu Sandy bank
Upama Hindu Comparison
Upasana Hindu Worship
Uriella Hindu Holy flame Of God
Uriella Jewish God is my light
Urishilla Hindu One who excels 
Urit Christian Bright
Urja Hindu Energy
Urjita Hindu Energetic
Urmi Hindu Wave
Urmila Hindu Wife of lakshmana - lord rama's brother
Urmimala Hindu Garland of waves
Urna Hindu Cover
Ursala Christian Little bear
Urshita Hindu Firm
Ursula Christian Little bear
Ursulla Christian Little female bear
Urvashi Hindu A celestial maiden
Urvasi Hindu Most pretty of apsaras
Urvi Hindu The name is derived from Sanskrit meaning 'wide earth' 'rivers, soil, earth and heaven'.
Usha Hindu Dawn, sun rise
Usha Prabha Hindu The morning rays of Sun 
Usha Rani Hindu  
Ushakiran Hindu Rays of morning sun
Ushamani Hindu One who is like the morning jewel
Usharani Hindu  
Ushasri Hindu A very beautiful and charismatic individual
Ushila Hindu One who is modest and well-behaved
Ushma Hindu Heat
Ushta Muslim Everlasting happiness,illumination
Usri Hindu A river
Uteghita Hindu One who is enthusiastic
Uthami Hindu Honest
Uthaya Hindu One who is full of life
Utpala Hindu A lotus
Utpalakshi Hindu One who is divine;Another name of Goddess Lakshmi 
Utpalini Hindu A lotus pond
Utpatti Hindu Creation
Utsa Hindu Spring season
Uttama Hindu One who is regarded superior
Uttara Hindu A star
Uzma Muslim  
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