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Name Religion Meaning
Waafiyah Muslim One who is loyal and devoted
Waddia Muslim One who is good-natured and easy-going
Wafa Muslim Faithfulness
Wafaa Muslim One who is faithful ; devoted
Wafeeqa Muslim Successful
Wafiqa Muslim A victorious and successful person
Wafiqah Muslim Successful
Wafiya Muslim Loyal, faithful
Wafiyyah Muslim Loyal, faithful
Wahibah Muslim Giver, donor
Wahida Muslim  
Wajeedah Muslim One who is loving and full of life
Wajeeha Muslim Eminent, distinguished
Wajiha Muslim One who is distinguished ; eminent
Wajihah Muslim Eminent, distinguished
Walidah Muslim Newborn
Waliyah Muslim A princess;One who looks like an angel
Wallis Christian From wales
Wanetta Christian Pale face
Warda Muslim Rose
Wardah Muslim Rose
Warhi Hindu Holy and powerful; Another Name Of Goddess Durga
Waseela Muslim The name is of Arabaic origin meaning 'means for being closer to Allah'.
Wasifi Muslim One who is highly exalted 
Wasila Christian Healtly
Wateeb Muslim Heart
Watsala Hindu One who is affectionate and loving
Waverly Christian Quaking aspen-tree meadow
Waynette Christian Wagon maker
Wednesday Christian Born on a wednesday
Wenda Christian Signifies fair.
Wendelle Christian Wanderer
Wendi Christian One who is fair ; of the white ring
Wendie Christian Friend
Wenndy Christian One who is fair ; of the white ring
Weslee Christian A form of wesley
Whaley Christian Whale meadow
Whisper Christian Whisper
Whitnee Christian A form of whitney
Whitney Christian White island
Whitni Christian A form of whitney
Whitnie Christian A form of whitney
Whittley Christian From the white meadow
Whittney Christian A form of whitney
Whoopi Christian Happy; excited
Widad Muslim Love, friendship
Wijdan Muslim Ecstacy, sentiment
Wilda Christian Willow
Wileen Christian A short form of wilhelmina
Wilhelmine Christian Will
Willemina Christian Will
Willette Christian A familiar form of wilhelmina
Willma Christian Resolute protector
Willow Christian 'Graceful', 'Slender'
Wilona Christian Desired
Windi Christian One who is dynamic like the wind
Windy Christian Windy
Winnie Christian A familiar form of edwina
Winnifred Christian Peaceful friend
Winnona Christian Lakota: the firstborn daughter
Winona Christian Eldest daughter
Wisaal Muslim Communion in love
Wisal Muslim Communion in love
Wiyyam Muslim One who is sincere and adorable
Worda Muslim Rose
Wynona Christian Eldest daughter
Wynonna Christian Sioux: first born daughter
Wynter Christian A form of winter
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