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Name Religion Meaning
Paarvi Hindu  
Padma Hindu Lotus, goddess lakshmi ( padmaja = born from lotus )
Padmaja Hindu Born from lotus , lakshmi
Padmakali Hindu Lotus bud
Padmakshi Hindu One with lotus-like eyes
Padmamalini Hindu Goddess lakshmi
Padmapriya Hindu  
Padmarekha Hindu Lotus- like lines on palm which are considered to be sign of good luck
Padmaroopa Hindu Like a lotus
Padmashree Hindu  
Padmavasa Hindu One who resided in lotus ( goddess lakshmi)
Padmavathi Hindu  
Padmavathy Hindu  
Padmavati Hindu Goddess lakshmi
Padmini Hindu Lotus plant, also famous queen of chittaud
Paige Christian Young child
Paislee Christian  
Paiton Christian Warrior's town
Pallabi Hindu  
Pallavi Hindu Bud;Bloom
Pallavini Hindu With new leaves
Paloma Christian Dove- like
Pam Christian Pam means 'sweetness'
Pamella Christian A woman who is as sweet as honey
Pammela Christian A woman who is as sweet as honey
Pampa Hindu  
Panchali Hindu Doll, also draupadi, the wife of pandavas
Pankaja Hindu Lotus
Papia Hindu  
Papia Muslim  
Papiya Hindu  
Parajika Hindu A raagini
Parama Hindu The best
Parameshwari Hindu Goddess durga
Paramita Hindu Wisdom;Prowess
Paravi Hindu Bird
Pari Hindu The name means 'abundantly, fully, successively, fully content' in Sanskrit.
Paridhi Hindu Realm
Pariis Christian Woman of the city in france
Parimala Hindu  
Parimala Christian  
Parimalam Hindu  
Parineetha Hindu Expert, Complete, Knowledge, Married woman
Parinita Hindu Expert, married woman
Parinitha Hindu  
Parmeshwari Hindu Goddess durga
Parnavi Hindu Bird
Parni Hindu Leafy
Parnika Hindu A small leaf, parvati
Paromita Hindu  
Parthivi Hindu Sita
Paru Hindu  
Parul Hindu Name of a flower
Parvana Hindu  
Parvani Hindu Full Moon
Parvathi Hindu  
Parvathy Hindu  
Parvati Hindu Daughter of himalaya, wife of lor shiva
Parveen Hindu Star
Parvin Muslim  
Parween Muslim  
Pasha Jewish Daughter of God
Pashe Jewish Daughter of God
Patience Christian Signifying the virtuous quality
Patmanjari Hindu A raga
Patmanjiri Hindu A raagini
Patralekha Hindu A name from ancient epics
Patriccia Christian A noble- man ; patrician
Patricia Christian Congresswoman
Patriciaa Christian A noble- man ; patrician
Patrricia Christian A noble- man ; patrician
Pattricia Christian A noble- man ; patrician
Patty Christian A familiar form of patricia
Paula Christian Small
Paulami Hindu  
Paulla Christian A small or humble man
Paullina Christian A small or humble man
Pavana Hindu Holy , sacred
Pavani Hindu One who is pure ; chaste
Pavi Hindu Lightning
Pavithra Hindu Pure, sacred,
Payal Hindu Foot ornament
Payel Hindu  
Payel Christian  
Payge Christian A form of paige
Payoja Hindu Lotus
Paytton Christian From the village of warriors
Pazia Christian Golden
Peace Christian Peaceful
Pearl Hindu  
Pearl Christian  
Pearl Jewish Wealth and health for a person
Penelope Christian The name has a Greek origin meaning 'A Silent Worker; Weaver'.
Penina Christian Jewel, coral
Penina Jewish Coral; Pearl
Peninah Jewish Coral; Pearl
Pennelope Christian Resembling a duck ; in mythology , the faithful wife of odysseus
Perele Jewish Coral; Pearl
Persis Christian Persian woman
Pesa Jewish Daughter of God
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