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Name Religion Meaning
Gabbriel Christian Heroine of god
Gabbriella Christian Heroine of god
Gabby Christian From the name gabrielle
Gabi Christian From the name gabriela
Gabi Jewish A short form of Gabriel meaning " God is my Strong Man"
Gabriela Christian In Hebrew, it means God' able- bodied one.
Gabriela Jewish Female form of Gabriel meaning "God is my strength"
Gabrielle Christian Dedicated to god
Gaby Christian From the name gabrielle
Gada Christian Lucky
Gagana Hindu The sky
Gaganadipika Hindu The lamp of the sky
Gaganasindhu Hindu Ocean of the sky
Gail Christian Merry, lively
Gailine Christian A form of gail
Gaille Christian Merry
Gajagamini Hindu Majestic- like an elephant's walk
Gajalakshmi Hindu Lakshmi as graceful as an elephant
Gajara Hindu Garland of flowers
Gajra Hindu Garland of flowers
Gali Christian Spring, fountain
Gali Jewish Pile; heap; wave
Galiana Muslim The name of a moorish princess
Galilea Christian Sloping hills
Galit Jewish Wave; stormy
Galiya Jewish God has redeemed
Galleh Jewish Yellow
Galya Christian God is redeemed gana - garden
Galya Jewish God has redeemed
Galyah Jewish Variant form of name Gelleh meaning "Yellow"
Gamya Hindu An expression of beauty
Gana Christian Means a group of people or a troop
Ganavi Hindu A righteous girl
Ganay Hindu A friendly, happy person
Ganda Hindu Knot
Gandha Hindu Fragrant
Gandhali Hindu Fragrance of flowers
Gandhamalla Hindu Girl who worships Lord Shiva
Gandhara Hindu Fragrance
Gandhari Hindu From gandhara
Gandharika Hindu Preparing perfume
Gandhini Hindu Fragrant
Ganesa Hindu Goddess of wisdom
Ganessa Hindu Goddess of wisdom
Ganga Hindu Indian river ganga ( bhagirathi, mandakini)
Gangadevi Hindu  
Gangi Hindu Goddess durga
Gangika Hindu River ganga
Ganitha Hindu Regarded
Ganya Christian Garden of the lord
Garati Hindu Virtuous woman
Gardenia Christian Botany: a sweet-melling flower
Gargi Hindu Name of a learned woman, goddes durga
Garima Hindu Prowess, strength, honor
Garishma Hindu A warm, loving person
Garyn Christian Spear carrier
Gathika Hindu Song
Gatita Hindu A river
Gauhar Hindu A pearl
Gaura Hindu Goddes parvati, also name of a raaga
Gauravi Hindu A respectable person
Gauravpreet Indian A glorious symbol of love
Gauri Hindu Goddes parvati, fair complexioned
Gaurika Hindu Young lady
Gaurisha Hindu Beautiful, blessed girl
Gautami Hindu River godavari in india
Gauthami Hindu  
Gavriela Jewish Feminine version of Gavriel meaning "Strength of God"
Gavriella Jewish Variant form of Gavriela and Feminine version of Gavriel meaning "Strength of God"
Gavrila Christian God is my strength
Gawthami Hindu Lady who removes darkness
Gaya Hindu Humble woman
Gayal Hindu Selfless and caring person
Gayana Hindu Singing
Gayanthika Hindu Singing
Gayathri Hindu  
Gayatri Hindu Mother of the vedas, also a goddess
Gayla Christian A form of gail
Gayle Christian A form of gail
Gaylee Christian A foreigner / one who is cheerful
Gaylia Christian A form of gail
Gayna Christian A familiar form of guinevere
Gayora Christian Valley of sun
Gazit Christian Hewn stone
Gee Hindu  
Gee Christian  
Geena Christian A well- born woman
Geeta Hindu Song, bhagwad gita
Geetanjali Hindu  
Geetanjali Christian  
Geetha Hindu Sacred song or poem; praised in songs
Geetha Christian Sacred song or poem; praised in songs
Geethanjali Hindu  
Geethanjali Christian  
Geethika Hindu  
Geethika Christian  
Geethu Hindu  
Geethu Christian  
Geeti Hindu A song
Geetika Hindu  
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