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Name Religion Meaning
Qabilah Muslim One who accept life peacefully
Qabita Muslim A traditional name given to Egyptian women
Qacha Buddhism This denotes a flank
Qadesa Muslim The sacred one
Qadira Muslim Capable
Qahira Muslim The lady who is victorious in all her attempts 
Qailah Muslim One who expresses her thoughts about Prophet Mohammed
Qamar Jahan Muslim The lover of the world
Qamarun Nisa Muslim The power of a woman
Qamayr Muslim She who speaks about Hadith
Qamra Muslim The lady who is bright like the moon
Qamrani Muslim She who shines like moonlight
Qaniah Muslim Content with life
Qanna Muslim As calm as a lake
Qareebah Muslim  A woman scholar who expresses poetry well
Qasira Muslim A calm and patient woman
Qasoomah Muslim She is one who can shed light in life through poetry
Qatam Muslim The queen of a dear one
Qawaya Muslim The strong person by mind and heart
Qawiya Muslim A girl who is a brave fighter
Qaymayriyah Muslim  A student of Hadith is given this name
Qaynat Muslim She who can shine in the world
Qiana Christian Gracious
Qianna Christian Gracious
Qiraat Muslim One who has practiced the Quran recitation
Qisaf Muslim A brittle child from Hadith
Qismah Muslim The girl who stands for Allah
Qiyara Muslim A pretty lady
Qodra Muslim The capable person
Quarrtulain Hindu God's mercy
Qubilah Muslim Concord
Quddusiyyah Muslim A pious and humble person
Qudsiyah Muslim The girl with calm eyes and blessed by the Holy One 
Queen Christian Queen
Queen Queenie Christian One who is queen for the loved ones
Queenie Christian Queen.
Quella Christian Quiet, pacify
Quenna Christian A form of queen
Querima Muslim The woman who is generous to people
Querly Christian A simple person
Queti Christian One who looks cute
Quiana Christian Living with grace ; heavenly
Quianna Christian Living with grace ; heavenly
Quibilah Christian She who is peaceful with her family
Quieta Christian Quiet
Quiky Christian A fast worker
Quinella Quintana Christian The fifth powerful person for the world
Quinese Christian Who resembles the beauty of jewellery
Quinn Christian Irish origin name meanswise
Quintina Christian Fifth
Quisilla Christian Lovely as ever
Quiyl Christian She who can think like bird and soar high
Qumla Muslim The fire to succeed
Qumudini Hindu The one who is tolerant like the river
Qura-tul-aine Muslim One who brings solace
Quraybah Muslim Women who can life a happy experience
Qurbani Muslim The one who has the mind to sacrifice
Qurrat-ul-ain Muslim The one who is a delight to the eye
Qurratul Ayn Muslim A daring companion in life
Qutaylah Muslim A leader by heart and companion for prophet mohammed
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