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Name Religion Meaning
Oceana Christian Ocean
Oceanna Christian From the sea
Odalys Christian Wealth
Odathi Hindu Refreshing
Odeda Christian Strong
Odelia Christian Little wealthy one
Odelia Jewish I will thank God
Odella Christian Wood hill
Odera Christian Plough ofira - gold
Odetta Christian Wealth
Odette Christian Wealth
Oditi Hindu Dawn
Ofira Jewish Gold; Wealth; Abundance
Ofra Jewish Female fawn; Baby deer or gazelle
Ogla Jewish Variant name  form of Abigail meaning "My father is Joy"
Ogle Jewish Alternate name  form of Abigail meaning "My father is Joy"
Ohawna Christian God's gracious gift
Oindrila Hindu Name for the wife of indra
Oindrilla Hindu It is the name of wife of Lord Indra.
Oja Hindu Vitality
Ojal Hindu Vision
Ojasvi Hindu Bright
Ojaswini Hindu Lustrous
Ojeeta Hindu Born in the month of falgun
Oksana Christian Hospitality
Oksanna Christian Hospitality
Olena Hindu Light
Olichudar Hindu Brilliant
Olikodi Hindu Brilliant
Olimani Hindu Brilliant
Olivette Christian Elf army
Olivia Christian In Latin, it means, 'peace','Olive tree'. The name is a feminine form of the name Oliver meaning ‘elf warrior'  was used first in the Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night.
Oliyarasi Hindu Brilliant
Olla Christian One who is precious/ giver of life ; well- being / a relic of one’s ancestors
Olle Christian The remaining of the ancestors
Ollive Christian Olive branch ; symbol of peace
Ollivia Christian Elf army
Olympia Christian From mount olympus ; a goddess
Olyvia Christian Elf army
Omaira Muslim Red
Omaja Hindu Result of spiritual unity
Omala Hindu Earth
Omana Hindu A woman
Omisha Hindu Goddessof birth & death
Omkareshwari Hindu Goddess parvati, gauri
Omkari Hindu Light
Omnidhi Hindu It means divine treasure
Omvati Hindu Sacred,having the power of om
Omya Hindu Knowledge
Ona Christian River
Onella Hindu Light
Oona Christian One who is pure ; chaste
Oorja Hindu The energy
Oormila Hindu It is the name of wife of Lord Lakshman.
Opaline Christian Jewel
Oparna Hindu Parvathi
Ophira Jewish Gold; Wealth; Abundance
Oprah Christian Runaway oralee - lord is my light
Ora Christian Seacoast
Ora Jewish Light
Orah Jewish Light
Oralee Christian My light
Oralia Christian Golden; light
Oranit Jewish Pine Tree
Oreen Christian From the pine tree / a pale-skinned man
Oriana Christian Born at sunrise
Oriana Jewish Gold; Sunrise; Dawn
Orianna Christian Born at sunrise
Orissa Hindu A state in eastern india
Orit Jewish Light
Orli Christian The light is mine
Orli Jewish A light for me; I have a light
Orly Jewish A light for me; I have a light
Orna Jewish Pine Tree
Ornella Christian It means,'flowering ash-tree'.
Orpah Christian Fawn
Orpita Hindu Offering
Ortal Jewish Dew glow
Orva Christian Brave friend
Oshin Christian It is a japanese name meaning flower.
Oshma Hindu Summer
Osma Christian Divine protector
Osnat Jewish Belonging to God
Oswalda Christian God's power; god's crest
Othelia Christian Wealth
Ottilie Christian Wealth
Ovia Hindu,
It is a Latin name meaning egg
Oviya Hindu Artist, beautiful drawing
Owena Christian A high- born woman
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