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Name Gender Meaning
Zephan Boy Treasured by god
Zephaniah Boy In Hebrew, it means 'The Lord has concealed'; 'The Lord has protected'.
Zephrine Girl Breeze
Zerlinda Girl Beautiful dawn
Zeta Girl Rose. linguistics
Zev Boy Meaning Wolf in Hebrew
Zevida Girl Gift
Zhaklina Girl Bulgarian form of Jacqueline, meaning God will increase.
Zia Girl To tremble, a kind of grain
Ziff Boy Wolf
Ziion Boy A sign
Zikoranachidinma Girl The name means 'a blessing from the true Lord'.
Zila Girl Shadow zilpha - stately; noble
Zimra Girl Song of praise
Zina Girl Hospitable
Zinachidinma Girl The Lord is compassionate
Zinnia Girl Zinn's flower
Zion Boy A sign
Ziona Girl A sign
Zionn Boy A sign
Zipporah Girl Little bird
Zisel Girl Sweet
Zita Girl The seeker; virgin
Zitomira Girl One who is well known and celebrated
Ziv Boy Very bright
Ziva Girl Bright, radiant
Zlatica Girl A precious gem
Zoe Girl The Greek word for life 'zoe' meaning 'life', 'living', 'subsistence', 'goods' or 'property'.
Zoee Girl A life-giving woman ; alive
Zoeey Girl A life-giving woman ; alive
Zoey Unisex Life
Zoey Girl The name Zoey is of Greek origin meaning 'Life'.
Zoffany Girl A blessing from the Almighty
Zofia Girl Wisdom
Zoheret Girl She shines
Zoilos Boy One who is full of life
Zoja Girl The name is a variant form of name Zoe, meaning 'life'.
Zooey Girl A life-giving woman ; alive
Zora Unisex Born at dawn ; aurora
Zornitsa Girl The first light of the day
Zuan Boy The Lord Almighty is compassionate
Zubin Boy To honor
Zuna Girl One who has great wealth; blessed being
Zuriel Girl God is my rock
Zuzka Girl One who blossoms and shines brightly
Zvjezdana Girl The shining light
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