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Chai or Tea is not just a hot beverage. For most people, it is an integral part of their day. It is the drink that symbolizes the start of the day. Come evening, it is a conversation starter that brings people together-irrespective of age. Tea is also not just for when you are home. Tea can bring you a lot closer to home even when you are halfway across the globe. Tea in itself is lovely and refreshing. But a tea-time snack to go with your cuppa is the real deal! Here we have some simple chai-eats that is sure to leave you drooling.

Instant noodles pakora

This one is a shout-out to all the noodle lovers out there! If you thought instant noodles couldn't get any better. That's where you are wrong buddy because things just got yummy! Don't believe us? Try this instant noodles pakora recipe and you'll know what we are talking about. 

Sausage pakora

You've had sausages on a hotdog, in sandwiches and even on top of pizzas. But wait till you try this beauty. Sausage pakora is a lovely batter-fried appetizing snack that is sure to be a hit with the kids. You can pair this snack with ketchup or even tangy mint chutney.

Bread roll with stuffed potatoes

Potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables on the planet. This recipe calls for the mashed version. Call it aloo bread roll, or stuffed potatoes in a bread roll or whatever you like but this snack is here to stay! This snack is perfect for those rainy days where you have nothing better to do than cozying up in front of the telly. You can also use, meat or cooked vegetables as a filling for this bread roll. Get the recipe here.

Chili pakora

This is the mother of all snacks when it comes to street snacks. Thinking about it itself makes your mouth water. The smell is so tantalizing that you can't just stop at one. This one is an all-time favorite snack all over India. People call it Mirchi Vada, chili Bhajji, and even chili pakora. What's in a name when its so finger-licking good! You can batter fry any vegetable of your choice to make these yummy pakoras. So? what are you waiting for? Let's get cooking!

Bread pakoda

What's not to love about pakoras. Frying stuff, dipped in a spicy batter makes even the most disliked food an instant hit! You can use any vegetable or meat to make pakodas. If bread is all that's left, use bread to make these delicious pakodas that will just disappear from the plate in less than ten minutes! You can use, tomato sauce or even coriander chutney as a dip for this tea-time snack.

Instant noodles kathi roll

Okay, so if you are fresh out of veggies or meat and you are out of ideas to fill up your kathi roll. Look no further. Dig out that packet of instant noodles from your secret stash. 'Cause we are gonna cook-up some amazing kathi rolls!. Soft, spicy and unctuous- that is what this dish is all about. If you want a healthier snack, skip the sauce and add in thinly chopped vegetables of your choice.

Egg Pakora

Eggs are a godsend for hungry amateur cooks everywhere. From poached, fried, scrambled and even boiled- egg can take up so many avatars! Apart from being absolutely yummy, they are good for you too. Eggs contain antioxidants, Vitamin D, and even choline. Eggs can be delicious at tea-time too. This is exactly what this egg pakora recipe is about. Try this egg pakora recipe out at tea-time today!

Chapathi noodles

Kids love noodles. There is no denying that. Why blame the kids, when everytime an advertisement pops up on TV, that shows a steaming hot bowl of spicy noodles, even our tummy goes wild! After all the speculations about instant noodles not being so healthy and all, we've come up with a desi avatar of noodles. Drumroll, please... Introducing chapathi noodles. So, make a note of this recipe and if you have some leftover chapathi from last nights dinner, you know what to do.

Mushroom Omelet

Omelets are a beloved favorite of all non-vegetarians. Be it a simple masala omelet or an omelet topped with vegetables or meat, everything goes well with this humble egg dish. Mushrooms are another scrummy topping that will help spruce up any boring omelet. This dish is a healthy snack. You can also cut this omelet and use it as a filling for a sandwich to amp up the snack for those really hungry days. Get the recipe here.

Capsicum cheese toast

This is a savory snack perfect for vegetarians. The capsicum gives it a mild hotness which is well balanced by the cheese. This snack is a calcium-rich snack that is gentle on the palate and is filling too. Apart from having this as a tea-time snack, this goes perfectly as a breakfast or tiffin recipe as well.  So why go back to that boring toast, when you can quickly make this yummy snack.