Dora Cakes Chocolate Sandwich
Dora Cakes Recipe | Kids | Snacks | Easy Recipes
Biscuit Sandwiches Starters
50-50 Biscuit Sandwich Bites | Kids | Snacks | Vegetarian | Easy Recipes
Unnimadhuram Banana
Unnimadhuram ( Sweet Banana Balls ) | Snacks | Kids | Sweet
Birds Nest Snacks
Birds Nest ( Potato Vermicelli Cutlet ) | Vegetarian | Snacks | Easy Recipes | Kids
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  • Dora Cakes Recipe
  • 50-50 Biscuit Sandwich Bites
  • Unnimadhuram ( Sweet Banana Balls )
  • Birds Nest ( Potato Vermicelli Cutlet )

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Idli 65 Got leftover idli? And if you have a handful of unexpected guests, then we know the panic that strikes every cook! If you have about 4-5 leftover idlis, this bite size spicy lip smacking Idli 65 will be your best bet! Serve it on cold rainy days and your family will keep asking for more!
Creamy Garlicky Mushroom Penne Is comfort food on your cards? Then, try this creamy mushroom penne dish. Adults and kid will love this recipe. In just 30 minutes, you can have a bowl of vegetarian goodness.
Crispy Potatoes ( Spicy Potato Starters ) Love spicy starters? Get ready to bite into a lip smacking spicy potato starter. For those who have tried out Bombay's Gunpowder Potatoes, this will be your next fav! It is crispy on the outside, fluffy inside, and loaded with the right blend of spice and salt. Try it!
Mushroom Fritters ( Tea Time Mushroom Pakoda ) These easy-to-make fried mouthfuls of mushroom goodness is a must try! These fritters just have a slight hint of spice, so even children and adults can enjoy it. Here we have added chickpea flour, but feel free to add in any flour of your liking.
Bread Paneer Roll ( Bread Cheese Rolls ) Teatime or breakfast or tiffin- this is a roll that can fit into any mealtime! Savoury paneer mix is packed into bread slices and rolled into soft rolls, which are then gently tossed in fresh butter. Need a better choice to make your tummy happy?
Tikona Nimki ( Spicy Layered Crackers ) A Holi special snack. It's savoury, crispy, yummy and easy to prepare. the famous Tikona Nimki is great to be carried for picnics and served to those cute kiddie parties. Try it!
Malpua Have a sweet tooth craving? This will be your best pick! A tasty and easy to make North Indian dessert. A must for Diwali and for any auspicious occasion you need to celebrate.
Date Fritters This is a special recipe for the Iftar time. But is there is a specific to enjoy some sweet nutrition? Take these date fritters, whenever you are hungry and travelling. Best for children and adults alike.
Rava Kesari This is a no fail, easy and delicious recipe that you can prepare within a matter of few minutes. Got unexpected guests for lunch? This will be your best choice! Try this step by step recipe today.

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Yummy snacks to spice-up your tea-time Tea can bring you a lot closer to home even when you are halfway across the globe. Tea in itself is lovely and refreshing. But a tea-time snack to go with your cuppa is the real deal! Here we have some simple chai-eats that is sure to leave you drooling.
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