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Rava Kesari | Dessert | Sweet | Indian
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Besan Ladoo | Dessert | Indian | Sweet
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Carrot Halwa | Dessert | Carrot | Indian
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Jeera Rice Craving for rice? If you are a beginner in rice preparations, then this should be your first pick! This is a flavorful rice that is easy to make and uses very few ingredients. It is just lightly spiced with cumin seeds and few other spices. You can prepare it fast and pair it up with a dal tadka.
Matar Pulao ( Peas Pulao) A great healthy recipe that is a good choice of vegetarians. You can use fresh or frozen or even dried peas in the recipe. Also, add dry nuts like almonds, and cashew nuts for added flavor.
Soy Chunks Biryani Craving for a biriyani now? Why don't you go for the exciting version of Vegetarian biryani? The main star of this recipe are the Soy Chunks! These are rich in protein and one of the best foods to give women who have reached a menopause stage of life. Now, are you on a diet? Then this is one recipe that all weight watchers will love. It is filling, low calorie and plus it is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins.
Instant Noodles Pakora | Masala Maggi| Yipee A great recipe to fix those hunger pangs on cold, rainy days! Plus, these are all basic ingredients that you use daily. If you have a packet of any instant noodles of your liking- just follow these super easy steps and serve a hot plate of crispy Noodle Pakoras at tea time.
Wheat Dosa This instant and tasty dosa don't require any major preparation like soaking, grinding or fermenting. We have used only wheat flour to make this dosa recipe and little ghee for a crisp texture to the dosa. This is a perfect diet dosa for diabetic patients as there is no addition of any flour other than wheat flour.
Upma Dosa A splendid feast of upma-lined dosas, which is almost like having two dishes at one go! These golden-brown dosas filled with appetizing tasty rava upma is perfect to have for breakfast or as an evening supper
Instant Ragi Dosa A super easy recipe that can be put together for breakfast in less than 30 minutes. Above all, Ragi is a source of fiber and helps lower cholesterol too. Check out for the recipe for the most nutritious and healthy variants of dosa.
Chapathi Upma Recipe Bored of the normal rava upma? Then for a change, why don’t you try this chapathi upma? It has quite a few benefits- it contains a whole load of nutritious vegetables, plus the goodness of wheat and will make the perfect food recipe for all. Another attraction is that if your pantry is empty, try making this dish with leftover chapathis and see how yummy it can taste!
Chocolate Dosa Tired of eating those mundane dosas in the same manner? For a change of taste, take a look at this quick recipe of mouth-watering chocolate dosa and add a chocolatey twist to your normal regular dosa. It is a kid special recipe and can be served for breakfast or as a snack.

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