Who ever felt that bread is only for the main meals? Wrong, as it is one of the most versatile food items that you can use in so many of your recipes. From recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, brunch and even midnight meals. Munch on bread for tea, or add it into your curries and soups for more texture and see how easy it is to make mouth watering recipes.

Popular Bread Recipes

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Chapathi Upma Recipe Bored of the normal rava upma? Then for a change, why don’t you try this chapathi upma? It has quite a few benefits- it contains a whole load of nut
Easy Aloo Paratha Recipe Love your chapathis? Make it even more wholesome by including potatoes in it. Here we have taken the ever versatile potato as the filling and prepared
Maggi Noodles Kathi Roll This Maggi Noodles Kathi Roll can be enjoyed for brunch, or even if you crave for a light dinner. Bite into one of these flavourful kathis and you wil
Chapati Dough Recipe The aroma of freshly baked chapati is simple warm, and you would feel right at home! So, who says you cannot make it at home? It’s simple, and super
Bread Rolls With Stuffed Potatoes One of the tastiest and famous monsoon snack that can be made in a jiffy if you have leftover boiled potatoes. These bread rolls are a favorite at hom
Bread Gulab Jamun Got leftover bread, then fix up a great dessert with very few ingredients. Very easy to make, and surprise your guests with this super yummy bread gul
Chapathi Noodles Got a couple of leftover chapathis? No worries, for we will help you create a series of delicacies with the old, not so fluffy chappathis. Just rememb
Bread Pakoda Got some old bread? Then this is one crispy and easy to make recipe that will everyone at home happy! You can use brown bread, or white bread for this
Cheese Garlic Bread This delicious toast made with cheese and coriander leaves is a simple recipe for breakfast or evening snack. This sandwich packs a whole lot of savor
Bread Omelette An easy recipe that all new cooks can try a hand at! It is made with all basic ingredients and can be prepared within a jiffy! Healthy, tasty and stoc
French Toast This is a simple yet yummy breakfast dish. The kids are bound to love it. This is a no-brainer recipe that is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings, when a

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